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Our Favorite Mobile Photography Apps

At Moment, we're big fans of smartphone photography. These are our favorite smartphone photo (and video) apps.

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Our Favorite Mobile Photography Apps

These are our favorite apps for capturing, editing, and sharing photos. 

Many of our favorite photos and videos are captured on smartphones. Today’s devices are so capable that their output is often indistinguishable from big cameras, and the fact that everyone is always carrying their phones means there are more opportunities to get the shot. Not only that, but smartphones are also virtually as powerful as laptops, which means you can capture, edit, and share pictures all on one device. Here are our favorite apps for doing just that.

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Moment Pro Camera is our favorite app for capturing photos on smartphones. With multiple file formats (including RAW and TIFF!), complete manual controls over shutter speed, ISO, EV, hard selecting lenses, and more, Pro Camera brings DSLR functionality to your smartphone. The app also allows you to select which Moment lens you’re shooting with, which embeds metadata into your photos and automatically desqueezes Anamorphic footage. And with features like Slow Shutter and Distortion Correction, Pro Camera also pulls off tricks that normally require tons of work in post processing.

iOS | Android

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Simple Edits

VSCO is the unanimous favorite photo editing app at Moment. From advanced film simulations to sliders that rival the desktop version of Lightroom, the possibilities are endless. Recent updates allow you to create photo ‘recipes’ which store all of your preferred settings for a consistent editing style and the app is always adding new presets and tools to make editing fun and easy.

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iOS | Android

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Pro Level Edits

For the photographer who wants tone curves, sliders, and a more complex and detailed interface, the Darkroom App provides infinite tools for editing your photos. Combined with a subtle preset library and an incredibly responsive interface, Darkroom is well worth the $2.99 for an ultra powerful mobile editing workflow. Bonus: the Moment Pro Camera App has one button integration for editing in Darkroom.

iOS only

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Video Editing

For editing video on your phone, Luma Fusion is hard to beat. With its advanced set of video editing controls and a pro-level interface, this app allows you to shoot, edit, and publish entire films on your smartphone.

Read our in-depth review here.

iOS only

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Laying Out Stories

Unfold is the best app for laying out creative stories and Instagram posts featuring multiple images. With several stock templates, options for adding minimalist text, and an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, Unfold makes it easy to design compelling Instagram stories like a pro without spending hours in Photoshop.

iOS | Android

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