The Best Camera Slings in 2020

From Peak Design, Moment, and Chrome industries — there's something for everyone. Follow Andrew and his review on the top 3 camera slings in 2020

Moment Bags Gear Review
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The Best Camera Slings in 2020

Convenience, mobility, low profile, and perfect for any on-the-go activities.

Moment Rugged Camera Sling - Woman showing off her favorite bag in front of a mural.

Great for anybody and any body.

Moment Rugged Camera Sling - Woman looking over shoulder with sling around her shoulders.

Fashionable, comfortable, and top-tier quality.

Moment Rugged Camera Sling - Woman buckling her strap to shoulder.

The Stability Strap to secure in place.

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Moment Camera Sling


Moment Camera Sling - Woman putting camera into bag.

Easily carries mirrorless or handheld film cameras.

Moment Camera Sling - Man on a bike with helmet and camera sling.

Won't slide on your back while riding a bike.

To Know:

Moment’s first ever full-bodied camera sling is now here. This bag is the first of its kind. With an extremely tough exterior featuring a rugged, waterproof, recycled NorthPak material, this bad boy can go literally anywhere you want — worry-free. It’s made for both men and women looking for something to carry their bag through harsh conditions in a minimalist fashion. Its extremely thoughtful design means big comfort and fully customizable packing options.

What We Love:

Satisfying Magnetic Buckle

The magnetic piece for the tripod strap is incredibly satisfying and secures everything in place.


A super thoughtful piece is the strip of hypalon to help your tripod not slip on the recycled material.

Both Left-Handed and Right-Handed Shooters

Featuring a quick release, padded main strap for right and left handed shooters (adjustable to either side).

The Details:

The Brand: Moment

Price: $89.99

Product Type: Camera Sling

Best For: Photographers looking for a minimal piece of gear to bring in even the most rugged of conditions.

Moment Camera Sling

Moment Camera Sling

$49.99 - $69.99

Moment Bags Gear Review

Wallet case paired with the Terracota fanny.

Moment Bags Gear Review

The case and phone fit perfectly in the fanny.

To Know:

Tie it around your waist, or sling it around your shoulder. This sling pack is designed for the one-the-go creative in mind.

The Moment Fanny Sling is one of the most comfortable fanny packs on the market and the bag I use for day trips in the mountains or hanging in the city. Moment likes to use canvas and ripstop materials with a PU coating so the packs can handle light water during a rainstorm, while feeling comfortable against your body. We even included weathproof zippers to protect gear during a rainstorm. The end result is a pack you can wear for hours with a variety of gear and size combinations.

The Olive Canvas and Black Ripstop feature updated design details including a slack proof main strap, for true set-and-forget fit. The lens pocket on the front is now accessed beneath the front strap, which keeps the bag’s silhouette tidier while storing your Moment lenses or other small accessories more securely.

What We Love:

1. On The Go

Its sleek, low profile design makes this bag your first option to bring while skating, hiking, shooting streets, or music festivals. Because you’re able to clip it around your waist or sling it around the shoulder, there’s room for any activity at any time of day.

2. Tough Materials

Black Ripstop features updated design details including a slack proof main strap, for true set-and-forget fit. Moment likes to use canvas and ripstop materials with a PU coating so the packs can handle light water during a rainstorm, while feeling comfortable against your body.

3. Small, But Mighty

The main compartment features a larger phone pocket for those Plus and Max models, the filter pocket fits two 62mm filters, and the interior lining is now a high visibility light gray so your small accessories can’t hide in plain sight.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Price: $49.99

Bag Type: Camera Sling

Trip Length: >1 Day

Size: 52 Inches

Best For: Days on the town, music festivals, grocery stops, short shoots days, and quick coffee shop stops.

Moment Camera Sling Ratings Graphic

Chrome Niko Camera Sling 2.0


Chrome Niko Sling - Man reaching into the sling to grab camera.

Fits an Olympus camera body with detachable lens, easy.

Chrome Niko Sling - Man walking in the street with camera sling bag taking pictures.

Made for the urban photographer in mind.

To Know:

An easy-to-access camera sling that is large enough to carry all your gear but comfortable enough you can explore all day with it.

This sling combines the traditions of a camera bag with the requirements for all day mobility.

Start with the shape, it’s rectangular which gives you the room you need to configure the bag from three small pockets to one large body. It also makes it easy to move the bag to your side, access a camera and change a lens without the bag collapsing on you. The soft, protective liner protects your gear and the small pockets prevent you from having to fish for things. The design of the wide strap and the extra chest buckle lets you lock the back down, close to your body, for all day walking or riding.

If you are looking for a camera bag that can fanny or a fanny that is a hidden camera bag, the Niko Sling is for you.

What We Love:

The Brand:

This is where the history of Chrome Industries stands out. If you aren’t familiar with their bags, they have been making indestructible gear for people living in the city, since 1993. It means they understand zippers, buckles, and materials.

The Size:

This fanny sling is unique. It’s large enough to fit large camera gear, but comfortable enough you don’t notice when it’s full.

Quick Access:

The top opens for fast access to change a lens, the pockets make it so you don’t have to fish, and the removable organizers let you change from three small compartments to one open compartment

The Details:

Brand: Chrome Industries

Price: $120.00

Bag Type: Camera Sling

Trip Length: >1 Day

Size: 5L

Best For: Skate days, half day shoots, long walks, festivals, and famer’s markets.

Chrome Industries Camera Sling Rating
Chrome Industries Camera Sling Measurements

Everyday Sling

$79.95 - $149.95

Peak Design's Everyday Sling - Man organizing his gear into the sling on a bright sunny day.

Comfortable for shoulder carry.

Peak Design's Everyday Sling - Man organizing his gear into the sling on a bright sunny day.

Fits a Talking Rain can of beer, too! Don't forget.

To Know:

Peak’s lightest bag in the Everyday Line, their Everyday Sling [v2] was intentionally created for the minimalist in mind, it’s on-the-go carry made easy for everyday or camera gear. Available in 3 varying sizes to meet an array of creative needs — from point-and-shoot film cameras to a pro DSLR, lenses to a tablet. You have the option of wearing it as a cross-body sling or around the waist (only for 10L). This bag will work for everyday needs, as well as a fashionable way to carry lots of photo gear in an easy manner. Best part? It doesn’t look like a camera bag. The wearability of the outer material makes the sling look brand new through lots of wear and travel trips. With great water repellent materials, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck outside in the rain.The sling’s main strap is easily adjustable and made to cinch down when you’re out biking or hiking.

What We Love


Includes two stretchy inner side pockets for batteries and essentials with an inner flap compartment holding 4 stretchy pockets for extra wires and SD cards.


The 6L model can hold up to tablets 11” in length, whereas the 10L model holds a 13” laptop . Now you can bring your iPad with you on a quick shoot for fast edits.


Each bag inside fits 2 FlexHold dividers for instant customizable organization with 1 divider that features a small folding shell to stack items for easy carry.

The Details:

Brand: Peak Design

Price: $79.95 - $149.95

Bag Type: Sling

Trip Length: 1 Day

Size: 3L, 6L, and 10L

Best For: Coffee shop dates, daily commutes, biking around town, neighborhood strolls.

Everyday Sling
Peak Design Everyday Sling 3 L Features
Reviewed By Andrew

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