OnePlus 7T First Look and Camera Review

We got our hands on the OnePlus 7T before launch day to put the cameras through their paces shooting photo and videos. Full OnePlus 7T review inside!

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OnePlus 7T First Look and Camera Review 

We got early access to the new OnePlus 7T to put the cameras through their paces. Here's what we found.

The OnePlus 7T is the latest phone from the innovative brand known for packing mind-boggling specs and polished usability into some of the most unique Android phones on the market. After blowing us away with the OnePlus 7 Pro, we are stoked to see the continued evolution of the brand’s lineup. With the launch of the 7T, OnePlus brings lots more of its flagship tech to a newer device that slots neatly in the 7 lineup. We got our hands on one a few weeks early to put it through its paces in some of our favorite mountain settings. Here’s how the OnePlus 7T camera and video features stack up.

What You See

One of the more immediate changes you notice with the 7T is the lineup of three cameras horizontally across the back of the device, enclosed within a prominent circle. This comes across a bit less sleek than the 7 Pro, which may be the smoothest integration of the camera lenses on any smartphone, but there’s no denying the capability of the cameras. The 7T loses the novel pop-up selfie camera from the 7 Pro, instead sticking with the well-integrated traditional unit from the OnePlus 7 we never saw Stateside.

The back of the phone’s body features a matte glass housing like the OnePlus 7 Pro, which is one of the more unique and premium-feeling design elements currently on the smartphone market. The 7T gets Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver color options, which suit the phone and are unique among the sea of same-looking phones out there. We loved the ways light hit the back of the 7 Pro and the 7T largely continues the trend.


The Tech Specs We Care About

The OnePlus 7T seems like the Goldlilocks of the current OnePlus lineup, slotting between the 7 and the 7 Pro in features and price. The screen is slightly larger and higher resolution than the 7, bringing it crazy close to flagship status--including the buttery smooth 90 Hz refresh rate first seen on the 7 Pro. It also only offers 8 GB of RAM across storage sizes, which is in line with the highest spec 7 Pros.

  • 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display with a 2400 x 1080 resolution
  • In-display fingerprint sensor
  • 128 and 256 GB storage options
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus with 8 GB of RAM
  • WARP Charge 30T Fast Charging (up to 20 percent faster than 7 Pro)

As evidenced by the screen and internal specs, the OnePlus 7T is a fast device with smooth scrolling and great battery life. Scrolling through the Instagram feed on the phone is noticeably brighter and crisper than on my laptop or the iPhone 11.


The Cameras

At Moment, we’re obsessed with smartphone cameras. And they just keep getting better! The OnePlus 7T comes with three rear-facing cameras and a high-res selfie cam, again bringing industry-leading specs to all the device’s cameras. I really enjoy the way OnePlus lists out each lens’ equivalent field-of-view--it feels like a nice nod to big cameras and their lens markings.

The 7T features the same ridiculous 48 Megapixel, f/1.6 main camera as the 7 Pro and OnePlus 7, which I personally can't get enough of. The full camera lineup is: 

  • 26mm main lens, f/1.6 48 Megapixels
  • 17mm wide lens, f/2.2 16 Megapixels, 117 degree field-of-view
  • 51mm Tele lens, f/2.2 16 Megapixel

    The camera specs are great, but the most important thing about all cameras is how they perform in the real world. From color rendering to smooth user experience to transition between different lenses, there’s plenty that spec sheets can’t cover. Thankfully, we got to get out in the mountains and see how the phones fare.

    One Plus 7 T 175759
    One Plus 7 T 01 2

    OnePlus 7T Shooting Experience

    The cameras on the 7T are very, very good. The main camera provides 48 Megapixels of resolution which is double the resolution offered by my personal mirrorless big camera. As on the 7 Pro, the resolution isn’t just big, it’s high quality. The colors are vibrant, contrast is crisp, and detail preservation is stunning. Shooting 48 MP RAW files leads to malleable files that stand up to professional editing workflow on a laptop, while the tele and ultra wide cameras provide more resolution than most smartphones’ main cameras (not naming names here), which provides noteworthy image quality across the zoom range. We’re still waiting for the day all three lenses on a smartphone feature the same aperture, which will provide more optical consistency in differing lighting conditions.

    Still, as with the 7 Pro, the native camera app’s UI is intuitive and slick, with the zoom in (2x) and zoom out (.6x) buttons easy to access and various features like file format and Pro modes simple to change while capturing the action in front of you. For the smartphone photographer who’s obsessed with resolution and options, OnePlus has put together a highly compelling package. The built-in lenses and imaging chip make this phone one of the most capable smartphone cameras we’ve seen. And the software under the hood keeps the colors, horizon lines, and overall UX remarkably smooth across the different built-in lenses. I can’t help but wonder if the tic-tac-toe, three-in-a-row cameras on the back were aligned that way to provide for the most seamless lens switching experience.

    One Plus 7 T 180330

    Ultra-wide for closeups with environmental context.

    Camera Focal Length Comparison

    One Plus 7 T 185642

    Standard lens.

    One Plus 7T Camera review

    Ultra wide lens.

    One Plus 7T Camera review

    Tele lens.

    OnePlus 7T Video Camera

    The video specs are equally impressive, making the most of the huge camera sensors and high-quality optics. What’s even more noteworthy is the video stabilization, which yielded some footage that’s eerily similar to a handheld gimbal. The color on video is just as good as the still cameras, which is strangely not always the case. The sound with the latest generation of microphone in the 7T is natural and crisp, while the phone shoots all the familiar video file formats and frame rates for slow motion, cinematic, 4K, and more.

    One Plus 7 T 190556
    One Plus 7 T 190451

    OnePlus 7T Takeaways

    OnePlus continues to push the envelope of what’s possible out of a smartphone, all while delivering one of the most competitive prices on the market. The cameras deliver stunning photos and videos and the screen is gorgeous for doing post-processing and checking out your friends’ content online. The phone’s size is manageable in today’s seemingly endless upward trend and the build is solid but lightweight. Whether you’re an existing OnePlus fan or have barely heard of the brand, the OnePlus 7T is another device that challenges the status quo with its specs and real-world performance. We’re always excited to see what OnePlus is up to and the 7T delivers. Now, about that rumored 7T Pro…

    One Plus 7 T 185929
    One Plus 7 T 192754
    One Plus 7 T 185731
    One Plus 7 T 185130
    One Plus 7 T 181109
    One Plus 7 T
    One Plus 7T camera review

    Standard lens.

    One Plus 7T camera review

    Ultra wide.

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