OnePlus 6 Camera Review

With huge improvements made on the device’s hardware and camera specs — it looks like the OnePlus 6 just might be a competitor against your latest smartphone.

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Our OnePlus 6 Camera Review

The OnePlus 6 is an exciting piece of tech, let me tell you. Starting at just $549 — much cheaper than the iPhone XS or Samsung Note 9 — this little underdog holds true to the Android caliber. With huge improvements made on the device’s hardware, software, and camera specs, it looks like the OnePlus 6 just might be a competitor against your latest smartphone.

Also, yes. You heard it here OnePlus fangirls and boys — we're now supporting the OnePlus 6! We go your back. We love you. 

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Julia looking stellar in the white snow.
A little touch of red.

Basic Parameters

Here’s an all-encompassing list for parameters set to make every OnePlus user gleeful with joy. Thanks to OnePlus for the list:

  • Dimensions - 155.7x75.4x7.74mm
  • Weight - 6.2 Ounces (177g)
  • Material - Glass
  • Colors - Mirror Black / Midnight / Silk White / Red
  • Operating System - OxygenOS
  • CPU -Qualcomm Snapdraon 845
  • RAM - 6GB / 8GB
  • Storage - UFS 2.1 2-LANE 64GB / 128 GB / 256 GB
  • Ports - USB 2.0, Type-C, Support USB Audio
  • Battery - 3000 mAh (non-removable)
OnePlus 6 Camera Review
OnePlus 6 Camera Review


Built with an all-glass body with up to 256GB worth of UFS 2.1 storage, this baby’s Snapdragon already blows its predecessors out of the water. The AMOLED screen is slightly bigger when compared to the OnePLus 5T, and has a cutout for the front camera, earpiece, and LED notification sensor. In addition, the phone has been particular about dust, splash, and water resistance but is still against being submerged under 1-2 feet of surface water. Sorry, water damage is not covered by warranty.

The camera is equipped with two rear facing cameras; one using a Sony IMX 519 sensor with OIS while the second one uses a Sony IMX 376k sensor for a creamy bokeh effect in Portrait Mode.

Now that's a good looking rig!


With the exciting new Android 8.1 OxygenOS interface, the OnePlus 6 opted to take part in the Android Pie beta since its launch. All bugs are fixed from the previous 5T and improvements are maxed, making time on your screen’s real estate even more enjoyable.

Our Moment HQ before we hunted for Xmas trees.
On the road!

Camera Specs

Below are the camera specs for the OnePlus 6:

  • Sensor: Sony IMX 519
  • Megapixels: 16MP
  • Pixel Size: 1.22 µm
  • Aperture: f/1.7
  • Sensor: Sony IMX 376K
  • Megapixels: 20
  • Pixel Size: 1.0 µm
  • Flash - Dual LED Flash
  • Video - 4K Resolution Video at 3/60 fps; 1080P resolution video at 30/60 fps; 720P resolution video at 30fps
  • Super Slow Motion - 1080p video at 240 fps, 720p video at 480 fps
  • Features - Portrait, Pro Mode, Panorama, HDR, HQ, RAW Image
OnePlus 6 Camera Review
OnePlus 6 Camera Review
OnePlus 6 Camera Review


According to Android Central, the camera is probably the biggest improvement over previous OnePlus models. With a larger 16MP sensor (much bigger than previous OnePlus phone), pixels are now 19% larger which drastically improves low-light capabilities. No, it won’t overtake Huawei’s 40MP beast of a device, but it’s certainly up there with reliability.

With the aid of a fast f/1.7 aperture, the depth of field will be sharper and more concise than ever before. The camera’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 has improved its signal, as well, having the phone able to detect correct settings more quickly, taking multiple shots if needed. Also, HDR is enabled automatically to reduce or totally eliminate unwarranted grain in darker conditions.

And as stated above, the OIS is back in action with an even larger sensor and fast wide lens. The results speak for themselves, take a look:

We love Caleb's van, don't you?
Lovely HDR in the trees' shadows.

Creamy highlights, fun candids.

Handles the dark pretty shakily, but still a nice photo.
Caleb + his best friend!
Hunting for that Xmas tree.

Our Thoughts...

Well, we do like the camera's improvements. However, sharpness was proven to be a huge issue for us, even when shooting in the harsh daylight. Colors were often saturated and muddy to the feel; nearly every shadow had a strange casting when backlit. But we had so much fun romping around the bright white snow that it didn't even matter. And adding one of our beautiful lenses to the bad boy made the pictures that much more enjoyable. Have you seen the ones of Shawn the sheepdog on our Superfish Lens? Stellar.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, a phone camera is a phone camera. While specs and color retentions vary between devices, it's a shame that most people would pass up the adorable and stylish new Android device. And at such a wonderful price — the OnePlus 6 is a great option to consider.

Seeing the images, we'll let you be the judge on its camera.


That Dang Notch Again

Finally, yes — the phone has a notch just like the Pixel 3. But, like, is it really that big of a deal? Nah.

Nice colors and details in the bark.
Captures action very well.

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