New Year, New Gear! A Kickstarter Announcement

We're back on Kickstarter with three new products and we need your help! The Battery Case, Case, and the V2 Wide Lens.

Ks Hero
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Three years ago you, a lot of you backed our first project: Moment Lenses. Two years ago, you enabled us to make the first iPhone case for mobile photography. And now we need your help to revolutionize the way we take pictures on iPhone 7 and 7+.

This is our most ambitious project yet. We’re introducing not one — but three new products!

Battery Case: “the world’s first battery case for picture takers”
Case: “the best minimal case for picture takers”
Wide Lens V2: ”the best wide angle lens ever designed for mobile”

The amazing Kickstarter community enabled us to turn an idea into a small company of 20. Each of us from different backgrounds, we hold a shared purpose to empower the creative in everybody.

Coming back to Kickstarter to launch our latest project is both exciting and nerve racking. The next chapter of Moment has been a work in progress for many months, and we’re excited to hear what you think about it. We are always humbled by the vulnerability in showing work that is not yet complete.

We have poured our hearts, minds, and weekends into this project because, deep down, we believe that once you use these products, you will fall in love with mobile photography all over again.

We hope you join us on this journey in making your iPhone 7/7+, 6/6+, and Pixel an even better camera.

Manufacturing a new product is the riskiest and most expensive phase of the journey, so the money we are raising goes directly towards covering our tooling and upfront manufacturing costs.

With your support we can take the next step together in making it even easier to take better pictures with our phones.

Let’s do this!

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