#MomentGear: Show Us What You Got

Our latest Kickstarter was successful and as the first few orders have started to arrive at your doorsteps, you all have started to share your #MomentGear!

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We continue to be blown away by the support we receive from every Moment customer and Momentist reader. We wouldn't be able to do what we do if it weren't for you!

Our latest Kickstarter was wildly successful back in April, and, in the past few days, the first orders have started arriving at your doors and mailboxes. Some of you have already posted unboxing videos and sample photos!

Many of you tag the photos you take using your lenses or app with our #ShotOnMoment tag, and we love seeing them! Amazingly, the hashtag has 100,000 tags on Instagram alone.

But we also love when you get your gear and immediately engage with us on social media. It tells us that you really care about the way things are made, how they look, and the way they feel. That’s why we want to introduce you to #MomentGear, where you can tag anything showing off your gear—worn or new, clean or dirty, we love seeing your products in the wild.

Below are a few highlights from the last week...

Cover image by @rlstrickland


For some of you, the packaging made you swoon.


For others, it’s all about the flawless glass on our new Wide Lens.


And others of you are stoked about the sleek, new Case.

We’ve loved seeing our name pop up in your Instagram stories, and we hope it continues, as you get lost and enjoy the moment.


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