Basic Tips For Shooting Landscapes With A Wide Lens

Learn tips and tricks from @jontaylorsweet, @griffinlamb, and @bradleycastaneda on how to shoot better landscape photos using your Moment Wide lens.

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Amazing outdoor photography is some of the most popular content on Instagram. The best shots definitely take work to find, but once you arrive they are worth every shot you can grab.


The Wide Lens is the tool of choice for capturing impressive landscapes. Its wide field of view allows you to capture more of your scene and helps to convey to the viewer the enormity of your surroundings.

Depending on the scene you are shooting, a way to give the viewer more perspective is to place an object they are familiar within the shot (ie. a hiker, tent or vehicle). By doing this you can create a more intriguing landscape photo that is sure to impress your viewers.

Bradley Castaneda

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Creating a sense of depth in landscape photographs is a proven method to help make the viewer feel as if they are within the frame. To do this, frame the image in a way that equally emphasizes the foreground and the background — with the focus of the image manually adjusted to the background of the scene. Shooting in RAW or TIFF mode, all that is required in post-processing is an increase to the shadows for the image to look properly exposed throughout, resulting in an image that invites the viewer in. Moreover, the overall composition will feel more detailed and three-dimensional.

Griffin Lamb

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Frame the shot by using the natural surroundings to lead your eye to what you want to highlight in the image. The reason this can be so powerful in landscape photography is because landscapes can overwhelm the eye. By focusing the viewer to something within the landscape whether it be a person, a peak, or even a reflection, you are able to showcase the landscape’s scale in a more meaningful way.

You can also play with center of the off-center framing of the scene. It can add variety to your shots.

Jonathan Sweet

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