Moment Wallet Case: Why I Will Never Buy A Standard Wallet Again

In this review, I’ll cover my favorite parts about our Wallet Case and why I will never buy a standard wallet ever again.

Moment Wallet Case Review: Why I Will Never Buy A Standard Wallet Again

I’m a long time user and fan of Moment’s Photo Wallet Case. Known for it’s beautifully crafted design, conscious use of genuine leather, and minimalist approach to packing and travel - there’s no reason to not love this product. I’ve been on the prowl for a good wallet phone case for years now and nothing has compared to Moment’s irrevocable design and attention to quality.

In this review, I’ll cover my favorite parts about the case, what’s most rivaled in this scene of saturated phone case markets, and what I learned to NOT do when using the item. Here’s why I will never buy a standard wallet ever, ever again.

Brian with the Wallet Case and the Crossbody Wallet.

Wallet case paired with the Terracota fanny.

What is the Moment Wallet Case?

It’s everything you love about the Moment Case, now with a slim leather wallet to hold up to 3 cards (don’t over stretch it!). It’s an affordable case for everyone who loves to use their camera phone and travel light. Enjoy your free-time without worries, knowing that your phone and wallet are stored safely together.

Available in black case with natural leather or black canvas with black leather for the black on black lovers. The back of the case provides subtle texture, making it easier to take pictures. The bottom includes a strap attachment to work with any standard wrist strap, and the Moment lens interface is built right into the phone so you can quickly attach the world’s best lenses.

Features and Compatibility:

  • Features new mounting interface. Learn more.
  • Holds up to 3 cards on iPhone XS, XR and XS Max (up to 2 cards on previous models)
  • Made with premium Horween Leather
  • Attach a wrist strap (sold separately) to the bottom so you never drop your camera phone.
  • Twist and lock lens mount interface that allows you to mount the world’s best glass across each of your devices.
  • Not compatible with original lenses
  • Covered by our 12 month warranty.
Pixel Wallet Case Natural

Travel Made Easy

I’m on the go quite constantly. Because of the incessant travel and errand-filled week days, it’s stellar to finally have a product that’s fits the pocket, but holds everything I need. I typically won’t leave the house without my 1.) debit card, 2.) I.D, and 3.) gym card (duh), and the wallet case fits all of them perfectly. Daily runs just got easier.

The BEST use case scenario for this bad boy is when I’m at the airport in the security line. I can’t tell you how many times I forget to grab my I.D out of my backpack for the TSA agent up at the front of the line, but with my phone in my back pocket at all times, I never have to rummage through my bags. Simply take the phone from my jeans and hand ‘er right over to the agent, no problem. Slip on it, slip back out.

Julia look good with her cards in ONE place.

Side opening for easy access.

Just don't overstuff it!

Minimalism At Its Finest

I’m big into minimalist packing and wrote a past article on this very topic. The purpose of travel is to chase that fleeting feeling of wonder, experience new and refreshing cultures other than your own, and regenerate yourself away from the monotony of daily life. Don’t make things more challenging for yourself with your packing list, travel is supposed to take the stress away. Why waste your time fumbling with miscellaneous items when there are products out there that make your life more simple?

The wallet case also is compatible with Moment lenses.

Gorgeous Horween Leather

For more than 100 years, American-made Horween leather has been known for their premium materials and unparalleled quality. Every piece of leather is handmade and one of a kind. When used over time, the leather will change colors. Keep that in mind so you’re not completely baffled by how different the case might seem months after you purchase it.

Comes in a black or tan leather finish.

I will NEVER Buy A Standard Wallet Again

It’s funny. When I first started working for Moment, I started to dive deep and ponder future products we should sell in our shop. I remember pitching the idea of a wallet case to one our beloved gear junkies, but low and behold — they were already making one. I grew thrilled! Stoked to be one of the first people to try it out, I wanted to ensure this bad boy could hold the amount of cards I needed and wouldn’t let me down. While I later learned that I couldn’t overstuff the case (I’ll get into that later), I was surely impressed with how high of quality the leather feels to the touch. Because how much easier my life has become with its minimalist design, high quality craftsmanship, and easy-to-use mechanisms, I’m confident in saying I’ll never buy a standard wallet ever again.

Connect a strap to it, too!

Just Don’t Overstuff It…

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made was to overstuff how many cards I put in the wallet case. Let’s be up front — this is entirely user error and NOT Moment’s fault (laughs nervously). It clearly states “up to 3 cards” on the product description page, but I thought I could overthrow the system and do it my way. What resulted was a horrific bubble on the sides of the Horween leather, making it look unfinished and stuffed. When a company tells you to do something for the sake of product integrity, you should probably listen.

Crossbody Wallet.

Shootin' away.

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