Moment Vlog: The China Diaries - Episode 3

Vlogging the journey and manufacturing process of Moment products in China. Shot on iPhone and Moment.

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In the 3rd and final episode of our China Diaries Vlog, RJ and I checked out the factory that does all of the metal formation and laser engraving. This was a really fun process to watch and is crazy how fast that laser can move. We then parted ways with Phill as we hopped on a plane and headed to South Korea to visit the glass factory. We spent less than 24hrs in South Korea filming our lenses being assembled and watching the detailed process of how each lens is put together. Seriously, each one of these lenses goes through so many steps and it really makes me appreciate the effort involved. 

Overall the trip was a huge success and I learned a TON. Thank you to all my coworkers at Moment for designing such beautiful products and for all the hard work that goes into them. 

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