Basics Of Shooting Landscape With A Telephoto Lens

Learn the best tips and tricks on how to use your Tele lens for shooting landscapes. Shooting with your Tele isn't just about getting closer anymore!

Gs Tele 5A
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We’ve all been there; you get to your final destination, and your landscape subject is too far away to photograph! Zooming in with your phone is an option, but the digital zoom degrades your image quality.

Luckily, the Moment Tele lens helps you achieve a 60mm focal length (and 100mm if you put it over the iPhone 7 Plus dual lens!), so you can get closer to your subject without sacrificing quality. Here are some helpful tips for using your Tele lens for landscape photography:


When shooting with longer focal lengths it is always a good idea to think about stabilization in relation to your shutter speed. There are many situations when just shooting handheld is totally fine because it’s bright enough outside to keep the shutter fast. However, on those gloomy, cloudy days you might want to bring a tripod with you. Other options besides a tripod would be resting your phone on a log, rock, tree branch, car hood, friends shoulder, or your own forearm. Try and be as still as possible when pressing the shutter button and for the most extreme low light conditions, use the 3-second timer in the Moment App so you don’t bump your phone.

– Caleb Babcock

Gs Tele 5A
Gs Tele 5B
Gs Tele 5C


When shooting landscapes look for things that stand out naturally. Nature has some of the most beautiful symmetry and it’s easy to find something eye catching. Use the Moment Tele to pick off a shot that looks bold yet simple. A single peak of a mountain, or where an iceberg hits the water. And try using the lines created by nature to draw people into your photo. It gives your subject that extra pop.

– Ariana Babcock

Gs Tele 6B
Gs Tele 6A


People tend to think landscapes need a wide lens to fit in as much of the scene as possible, but a tele lens is also super handy. When shooting a landscape with a tele lens, the mountains in the background fill in more of the image frame, and appear closer and taller. A tele lens lets bring the subject in the foreground, like a sailboat, and the natural landscape in the background closer together, for a more striking image. Try shooting a subject against mountains, and see how mighty you can make the mountains looks behind your subject using a tele lens.

– Yuriy Manchik

Gs Tele 7A

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