Basic Tips Of Shooting Portraits With A Telephoto Lens

Tips on shooting portraits with the Moment Tele lens. Learn about composition, lighting, depth of field, and much more!

Gs Tele 4C
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Because of its focal length and depth of field simulation, the Tele Lens is perfect for anyone interested in portrait photography. If you don't have a device that offers built-in zoom, this is definitely the lens for you. Here are some useful tips to consider next time you are out shooting portraits on your phone:


Shooting with the Moment Tele is a unique experience because it gives you the "depth of a high aperture lens look" in a pocket size. Finding soft light is key when taking portraits to not wash out natural skin tones or facial highlights. Try shooting during overcast weather,  underneath shaded trees, or during times of the day where the light is less prominent for perfect lighting situations to shoot your portraits. I also like to carry a diffuser with me just in case I find myself shooting in the middle of a sunny day.

 – Erica Simas

Gs Tele 1A
Gs Tele 1C


When shooting through things, such as trees, grass, etc., you’re able to blur the foreground while keeping the subject in the background in focus. This creates a shallow depth of field, which we think makes for a unique portrait. Definitely experiment with different objects in the foreground to add depth to the background.

– Vincent Carabeo

Moment Tele
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The mood in your portraits is important and can be shifted drastically depending on the source, direction, and intensity of the light you’re using. When working with natural light, don’t be afraid to move your subject but remember to pay attention to where shadows hit their face. Light and shadow can help produce really striking images, but certain angles can be rather unflattering. And always have fun with your subject! Props, pops of color, honest expressions, and motion can take your portraits to the next level.

– Victoria Wright

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Adjusting the subject for every photo is difficult. So instead of sticking to one centered shot, try composing your photos in a way that has the subject off center. This will help to open up space for more story telling whether that be with other elements or its empty and can free up the viewer to create their own story.

– Christian Cannon

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