Basics Of Shooting Cityscape On A Telephoto Lens

Learn to capture more details, get closer to your subjects, and more with these unique tips on shooting cityscapes with the Moment Tele lens.

Gs Tele 10
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Usually, when it's time to photograph a cityscape, people go straight for a wide angle lens. But you’d be surprised how many details you can miss with a Wide Lens. Next time, try using your Moment Tele to get a close-up perspective on your subjects. Here are some tips for capturing cityscape images with your Tele Lens:


In its simplest form, photography is a lot about writing with light. The right type of lighting can assist in telling your story in a more special way and make a huge difference in communicating what you wish for people to feel. The best times to shoot are closer to sunrise and sunset which is when the light is soft and warm. In the end, don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting conditions. You’d be surprised how elated you might be with the results of shooting on a nice overcast day as well!

– Jorge Quinteros

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An urban environment allows for some amazing opportunities to catch lights as they are technically challenging and artistically endless. If you try to take handheld phone photos at night, they often come out grainy or noisy. The best way to avoid this problem is to set up the phone on a tripod and use an app meant for shooting night photos to keep the shutter open longer. When composing urban night photos, I like to compose the photo to include both lights from buildings as well as from the streets. Clouds in the sky above the buildings can add another interesting element to the photo, as well.

– Neal Kumar

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Gs Tele 10A
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Gs Tele 10


Cities are full of unique buildings often differing in shape, size, and architecture. One way to find symmetry in the midst of such diversity is using the Moment Tele to bring you closer to a specific building. Try standing at the corner of a building and shoot upwards to create great symmetry against the negative space of the sky. Another way to find symmetry is by filling your frame with a building facade. When trying to shoot symmetry it’s important to take your time; I often check my photos just after taking them to ensure I held my phone straight because the slightest variance can skew your results.

– Brian Cason

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