Moment Pros Gift Guide

Ranging from cameras and charging units, to cables and filters — these are the Moment Pros' favorite tools that help them be who they are today.

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Moment Pros Gift Guide

From Creator to Creator

Moment Pros is a diverse, talented group comprised of creative individuals (or couples!) that we closely work with to create the content you love. Plus, each of them receive affiliate links toward their favorite products in the shop. We are truly honored to collaborate and work alongside such a unique bunch that pave the way for modern photography and filmmaking. Naturally, for this holiday season — well, and truly any gift-giving season — we asked some of our Pros to give us their most beloved items in our shop that they simply can't put down. Ranging from cameras and charging units, to cables and filters — these are their favorite tools that help them be who they are today. Take a gander, and be sure to shop their affiliate links to help out their creative pursuits. 

Gajan Balan Banner Image
Moment Fujifilm 16670041 X S10 Body 01
Moment cinebloom 02

Fujifilm X-S10

With the Fujifilm X-S10, you have a camera that makes strategic choices to place itself on the short list for many creators this holiday season and months to come. In a time where interest is increasing and spending is scrutinized, a camera like this is a welcome addition. You have a premium build in a lightweight package with IBIS that lands just under $1,000. This camera is for those that are looking to take phenomenal images and document that experience with great video functionality. It’s one of the cameras you consider when you ask what your first mirrorless camera should be. It's a camera with very little tradeoffs and it’s something I can see a huge group of people picking this up this holiday season.

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Moment CineBloom 10% Diffusion Filter

With the moment CineBloom filter you’ll be able to capture rich images and speed up your post-production process. This product adds a layer of diffusion that softens your image in a natural way where light sources inherit a dreamy halation and skin tones feel less artificial. Especially for those that spend a lot of time capturing images of humans, you’ll value the time you save in the retouching process. What makes this product stand out even more is how great it is with respect to its price. Having used this product across multiple professional and personal projects, I can’t imagine leaving home without it. It’s a special product that you’ll want to have more than one of, and something that any image maker in the family will appreciate. And if you want to take this over the top, throw in the Moment Variable ND to really complete the story.

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Veekster Bio Pic
Moment nomad NM30010 O20 Base Station Pro 02
Moment Instax 16670522 Square SQ1 Chalk White 01

Base Station Pro

Nomad’s Base Station Pro is the perfect gift for that person always running on an 8% battery (me). Minimal effort required, the modern & clean design -- yes, please.

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Instax SQ1 White

There is something SO fun about an Instax Square. The immediate satisfaction of having a physical print, the cute square shape, and the easy-to-use camera. I’ve gifting these to loved ones, young and old — it’s always a winner.

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IMG 4302
Profoto C1 Plus Mobile Light 04
130 004 Moment lens anamorphic Gold Flare Edition2b

C1 Plus

Rudolph with your nose so bright, we’ve got the C1 Plus, so you can take the night off tonight. The handheld C1 Plus packs a punch for its size with the unmatched light quality you expect from Profoto. Its wide range of color temperatures and continuous capabilities are great for lighting up your holiday TikTok videos. Or connect it to your phone, DSLR, or mirrorless camera to capture the perfect ugly holiday sweater portraits. This little light is bound to brighten up the holidays for the creatives in your life.

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Moment Thin Case

Phone get run over by a reindeer? The Moment Thin case fits like a glove and protects your phone without being bulky. If Moment stopped making lenses (spoiler alert: they’re not), I’d still snap on one of their phone cases before dashing through the snow.

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Moment Gold Anamorphic

All I want for Christmas is flare. Delivering that distinct anamorphic look that filmmakers drool over, this dreamy lens is the perfect stocking stuffer for the creators in your life. Personally, I love using it to shoot wide cinematic stills. Its warm gold flare will give your mobile creations that cozy feeling and will have all your shots looking merry and bright.

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Marina Lin Pro Page 03
Moment shure SM7 B Cardioid Dynamic Studio Vocal Microphone 02
Moment Sony ILCE7 M3 B Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera 01

Shure SM7B

If you're looking for an incredible and versatile microphone, the Shure SM7B is great for clean vocal and instrumental recordings. This dynamic mic is especially perfect for those recording in a home studio because its cardioid pattern naturally cuts out a lot of the background noise!

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Sony A7III

The A7III is my go-to camera for both photography and videography. It performs incredibly well for both photo & video uses because of it's 24MP sensor, 4k shooting abilities, and autofocus. The eye-autofocus has got to be one of my favourite features for filming vlogs and the fact that it's super lightweight makes it even more fun to shoot with.

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Brent Hall Moment Pro Bio Pic
Moment mefoto BPSCBLK Me Foto Backpacker S Carbon Fibertripod 01
Moment lumecube LC PANELMINI1 Panel Mini 06

MeFoto BackPacker Tripod

I love this tripod because it’s small and light enough to take anywhere, yet versatile and strong enough to hold my phone rigs to my mirrorless cameras with decent sized lenses on them. As a timelapse, astro, and landscape photographer, that’s absolutely essential to create the visuals I need.

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Panel Mini

I love this little light! It’s so perfect for adding extra light for my YouTube videos (both on-location and in the studio), key or secondary lighting for product visuals, and best off all (for me), is how great it is for lighting things up in the field for landscape and astrophotography. The battery life is incredible, and being usb-c rechargeable is fantastic. The one little extra feature that really does it for me too, is it being dimmable to 1%. This is perfect for astro and low-light Timelapses (of which I do a LOT).

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Dunna Pro Page 02
WANDRD PRVKE 21 Liter Camera Backpack 01
Moment MTW tech organizer thumbnail

Wandrd PRVKE 31 Liter Backpack

This bag has been my go to for both daily and travel for several years now. And even though I’ve tried other backpacks, nothing ever quite touched the ruggedness, versatility and function of the Wandrd. My camera gear lives in it and it goes with me everywhere!

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MTW Tech Organizer

I’m a sucker for great organization and the MTW tech organizer is my one stop shop for me throwing every single cable, ssd, accessory, and adapter all in one place to make them super easy to take with me and access. Friggin love this thing.

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Jeven Dovey Pro Bio Pic
Moment DJI CP MA 00000312 01 DJI Mini 2 03
Moment sony SEL20 F18 G FE 20mm f 1 8 G Lens 01

DJI Mini 2

This is the perfect drone for new pilots & experienced professionals. Shoots 4k, the colors look great, its tiny, easy to use and it weighs under 250 grams. Watch my beginners guide for the mini 2.

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Sony 20mm 1.8

This is my go to lens for all my YouTube content. Its wide enough to vlog with, but not too wide. Keeps my setup small and light so I can film anywhere.

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Visionary Watts Pro Bio Pi
Moment Thumbnail Selects Rode Videomicro
Moment zoom ZH1 N H1n Handy Recorder 02

Rode Videomicro

A good performing directional microphone with a small profile and is powered by the camera? Sold! I frequently use the Rode VideoMicro in vlogs I share with the community.

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H1N Handy Recorder

The portable size and versatility of the Zoom H1N recorder makes it a staple in my gear collection. Whether I’m recording ambient street activity or using it as a wireless lapel mic setup, I know I can count on this recorder to deliver.

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Faizal Westcott Bio Pic
Moment x100v starterset pd strap
ONA5 014 BL Bowery Black Moment camera bag Front


The X100V is my go to camera for street photography and everyday photo making. It's simplistic design and analog controls make this camera a joy to shoot with. Not a lot of cameras can offer an analog experience in a digital body, but the X100V does just that.

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Ona Bowery

The ONA bowery bag is a stylish bag that has just enough space for a day of documenting, making it a perfect companion for street photographers. It's my go to bag when I just want to bring the essentials with me.

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Kurtis and Chelsey Pro Bio Pic
Moment omnicharge OP2 HA004 Omni20 04
Moment Deity D4 DUO V Mic D4 Duo 01

Omnicharge 25600 Pro

The Omicharge 25600 Pro is the perfect portable charger that is a lifesaver and is something that every traveler or remote worker needs. If the person you are buying for is on the go, this portable charger will constantly be in use. It has enough power to charge your laptop, but still small enough that it can be taken in cabin on long flights. For the pros or the beginners, this charger is something everyone can use.

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Deity Mic D4 Duo

The Deity microphone is a must-have for any YouTuber or content creator that needs a high quality and compact mic. This small shotgun mic captures audio in front and behind the camera to ensure everything is captured. This mic is a no brainer and will easily increase the quality of your giftees' videos.

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Billy Kyle Pro Bio Pic
CP MA 00000176 03 DJI Mavic Air 2 drones 01
Moment filters MA2 VND 01

Mavic Air 2

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Mavic Air 2 VND

The Mavic Air 2 is my go to drone for capturing aerial photos and videos both on my travels and for professional work. This aircraft’s performance sets the standard in the industry with best in class speed, flight time, and range. DJI’s flight autonomy and suite of sensors make the Mavic Air 2 easy to fly so no matter your skill level and experience. When paired with Moment’s variable ND filter, you’ll have total control over the exposure for more natural looking video.

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Mark Linsangan
Fuji 16652867 XT4 Silver moment 01
Moment vnd 67mm 2 5stop 01

Fuji XT4

My favorite camera in the last decade! There’s something about Fuji and their color science that pulls me back to their system every time I want to switch to another camera brand. The Fuji X-T4 is the camera I use to shoot all of my YouTube videos and tech portraits. The ability to shoot in DCI 4K, 10-bit, and their beautiful Eterna profile is why I love this camera.

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Fuji 80mm Macro f/2.8

It’s hard to beat Fujifilm and their lens lineup. My favorite out of the bunch is the Fujifilm 80mm Macro lens. It’s incredibly sharp wide open, and it features optical stabilization to minimize frame jitters in video. It’s also a great portrait lens that allows you to give a unique perspective to your subject while also giving you enough depth between the foreground and background.

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Moment VND 2-5 Stops

The Moment VND is hands down the best variable ND filter I’ve ever used. The clarity in these filters are unmatched. The hard stops at both ends helps eliminate the weird artifacts that pop up if you’ve gone over the limit with your variable ND’s. Plus, there’s very minimal color shift to your images. Highly recommend these filters.

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