Moment Offsite - Zion National Park

Every few months the Moment team comes together for an offsite to hang out, plan, and grow together. This time, we headed to Utah for stunning photos.

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The Moment team is composed of 25 extraordinarily hard-working, loving, creative, hilarious, adventurous go-getters. We strive to build the best product and work culture at the intersection of art and action, all while doing the work in remote parts of the world (literally!). Every few months we get the team together for an offsite to hang out, plan, and grow as a team.

For this offsite, we strapped our boots and hopped the next flight heading South. This was our first traveling offsite, choosing to discover the national parks of Southern Utah. Finding a house in Orderville, Utah we were halfway between Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, two of the most unique and stunning natural monuments in the region. Cool mornings, hot days, and killer sunsets—we got just a taste of what this amazing landscape had to offer.

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Zion Offsite Momentist 13
Zion Offsite 1
Zion Offsite 13
Zion Offsite 11
Zion Offsite 9
Zion Offsite 7
Zion Offsite 5
Zion Offsite 10
Zion Offsite 14
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On the edge of Zion.

Zion Offsite Momentist 08

Julia standing by the end.

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Zion Offsite Momentist 17
Zion Offsite Momentist 11
Zion Offsite Momentist 14

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