Moment Offsite: Ready To Take The Leap

Starting a business isn't easy—over time they grow in complexity and depth. But eventually you hit an inflection point moving from the unknown to the known.

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Startups are a romantic story on the outside, but an unpredictable reality on the inside. What starts as an innocent journey grows over time, in complexity and depth. The more it grows, the more you want to do. The more you want to do, the more people you need. The more people you need, the more simplicity falls away.

But at some point along the way, you hit an inflection point….one that takes you from the unknown to the known.

You see this in personal relationships. Over time, you move from embracing the freedom of dating to a subtle desire for predictability. You want to chase a little bit less and expect a little bit more. You’re ready to move beyond the surface... toward the vulnerable embrace of knowing that the relationship you’re investing in just might fail.

Moment is at that inflection point.

We are three years into the journey and past the unknown of dating. We’re now carrying the expectations of tens of thousands of customers, dozens of teammates, a handful of partners, and a small collection of investors. Each offsite, our promises have gotten larger, and our commitment to the cause has grown stronger.

But through all of this progress, there is a reality that survival is not a guarantee. Starting a company is hard. Surviving is harder. And becoming sustainable is the hardest.

Between customer service emails, talking to our suppliers late at night, and pushing out stories during the day...we spent a lot of time talking about how we graduate from an unpredictable, unknown existence to one that will stand the test of time.

We don’t always have all the answers, but we strive for it anyway. And we’re ever grateful that you’re on this journey with us. We wouldn’t exist without you. Thank you.

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