Moment Offsite: Empowering Creatives & Growing Together

This was our 10th offsite. 5 Days together in the mountains of Snoqualmie growing closer together and planning how to make Moment the place we love.

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It’s a theme that has inspired us the last three years. From the products we make to the culture we build, we’ve come to realize that our true purpose is to empower the creative in everybody.

It’s a purpose that we didn’t fully understand until recently.

Startups always begin with a product, an idea. Usually something you want to fix.

In our case, we wanted to make your phone work more like a camera, because we missed traditional elements from our big cameras. That single idea has slowly grown into an amazing tribe of people, shooting on Moment, passionate about helping us improve everything we do.

But under the surface, Moment is a small team of people. A diverse group from different backgrounds trying to develop a similar rhythm in how we work.

Our quarterly off-sites have been the format that has bonded us. The ability to dive deep into what slows us down, what prevents us from doing our best work, and what makes us happy in the face of challenge…has resulted in unfiltered honesty.

This was our 10th offsite.

Located at the foot of the Cascade mountains, the jagged snow rock faces of Snoqualmie were a fitting backdrop to launch the next chapter of Moment. The excitement of rallying to a single cause eclipsed the exhaustion we felt at 3am the night before our announcement. The hours spent, between team sessions, messaging backers was second nature. The time we spent together had a deeper, more comforting purpose than we’ve ever had before.

There is a closeness to this group, a collective desire to improve. And a level of empowerment that has taken a long time to develop. From process to conversations to finding the right people, we have spent months working and re-working Moment to be the place we love.

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