Moment is Hiring: We Knead An Editor


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We knead an editor.

And it turns out it’s not the most delicious bread we’ve tasted, so we’re hoping you can help.

We begin our search for the perfect person to help us take our beloved Momentist to the next level. We’re looking to double our monthly readers this year, revamp our site and content, and expand our community!

The Momentist is the center of our content and community world at Moment. But we believe it has the potential to be a content staple for a lot of mobile creators. We need a person with a proven history of project management, editing, and writing, and a head full of Big Ideas to help us get there. Oh, and some data analysis experience would be divine.

Check out the job description here. Apply if you’re qualified, or send it to your friends!

And check out your future Content teammates here.

If this position isn’t for you, maybe you know someone who is the perfect fit. Let us know! Until then, we’ll fall back on the wise words of Diana Ross, “You can’t hurry [recruitment]; you just have to wait.” We’re pretty sure that’s what she said.

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