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Shantell Martin’s #Momentinvitational film, 'Free The Line', is gushing with gorgeous illustrations featuring visual artists Sougwen Chung and Timothee Goodman.

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We launched a film festival dedicated to the mobile creative, “The Moment Invitational”. 11 filmmakers made heartfelt, visually juicy short films with their phones. They each proved you can create incredible work with the devices we use everyday. We got to sit down with each filmmaker to learn just how they did it!

Shantell Martin’s invitational film, “Free The Line”, is gushing with gorgeous illustration and inspiring prose featuring visual artists Sougwen Chung and Timothee Goodman . Martin’s tasteful coordination of sound design and visuals is masterful; every second is poised with expertise. Audiences learn from the pros on what it means to leave the “first mark” on a blank canvas and how these creative souls fuel their passion fearlessly.

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As a artist and illustrator, how was it directing a short film? What was more challenging than expected?

One of my goals this year is to focus more in videos and ways to push that, so I was happy to take this project on as a creative challenge. You very quickly realize why there are typically teams of people executing films/videos. There are so many little details to remember from having enough batteries, to sound to troubleshooting and fixing equipment on the spot.

How did you get your subjects to be vulnerable and open up?

As both of my subjects are people, artists I'm friends with and have known for a while that definitely helped.

Why is it important to understand motivation and the depth behind art?

In general people have a romanticized idea of how artwork is created and valued, which can miss the hard work, effort and continuous strugglers behind the scenes.

As an artist, were you inspired and moved by what Timothy and Sougwen had to say?

I could totally relate and at the same time it was/is really nice to hear another perspective of being an artist and about that moment of creation.

When you feel creatively drained, what do you do? How do you stay fresh?

It’s like a WAVE! When you're on the high wave you keep going with it, saying yes and exploring. When the wave comes down and your at a creative low point, you take advantage of it and lean into it - Me personally, I will use that time as a space to go travel, see friends, be domestic, watch TV etc.

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What makes a “good” film? Are there any must-have qualities you aim to portray with your art?

I'm still learning..... so perhaps a question for the future me, but right now I would simply say it's something that people need to connect with.

Who do you find as the most important or influential person in your field right now and why?

You have to give mad props to filmmaker Casey Neistat who is reinventing the industry, or Issa Rae who is showing you can do it all, or Dee Rees who has been bringing in such a vulnerable perspective of life.

What makes your eye for film stand out against the crowd?

Finding my voice in video is definitely a work in progress, but I do have a strong recognizable style, identity and I hope I can find the confidence to translate that into film.

“Free The Line” is compiled of fast-paced movements and narration. What inspired this creative direction for your story?

I wanted to create a level of suspense to build and working with fast paced movement and quick shots really helped that build and unfold.

What’s harder? Getting started or being able to keep going?

Both are equally as hard! I wanted to make videos for years and only made a start this year!

Now that I have started my goal is to put up a new video every Wednesday on YouTube and so far so good, but it’s hard for sure!

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Director’s Notes:

Featuring Astounding Fellow Artists:
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That moment where everything just falls into place to support our conscious and unconscious need to BE our truest selves and to share what that person has to offer. Our purpose. Our artistic purpose.

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