Moment Invitational | How This Was Shot | Chris Hau and Lizzie Peirce

These two are a hilarious bunch that provided a slapstick comedy at this year's Moment Invitational Festival. Watch how they shot their hilarious masterpiece.

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We launched a film festival dedicated to the mobile creative, The Moment Invitational. 11 filmmakers made heartfelt, visually juicy short films with their phones. They each proved you can create incredible work with the devices we use everyday. We got to sit down with each filmmaker to learn just how they did it!

6 Chillies is not your mother’s comedy. With exceptional talent and a much-too-relatable storyline, Chris Hau and Lizzie Peirce directed a hilarious biopic of a man with some serious digestive issues.  Not only were audiences cracking up big time, but the color grading and unique cinematography made the film all the more aesthetically pleasing. Chris and Lizzie sat down with us to answer a few questions on how they shot their film, what sorts of challenges they faced, and the importance of taking creative risks.

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Why is taking creative risks so important?

It's always important to take creative risks! It keeps you on your toes, allows you to explore different genres and ultimately you might discover something you're really good at.

Your film is hilarious to say the least. How did you go about writing a comedy? What did you find challenging?

Thanks! Lizzie and I wrote the film with our friend Collin Sideris who plays the lead character in the film. He is a stand up comedian and a really great friend of ours! Once we had the direction of the film set we just sat and played out multiple scenarios to see what was funny. The most challenging part was containing all the jokes to our production budget. We always had to keep in mind if the scene required a location rental, extra talent or a special piece of equipment to rent.

What were the most difficult aspects directing your film?

Making sure we didn't laugh during takes! Collin is an extremely funny actor and at times I couldn't contain myself without laughing.

What would you have done differently looking back on the entire creative process?

In terms of the creative process, I wouldn't have changed much! We had a great time writing it and coming up with ideas.

How has filming on your smartphone impacted your work for Moment’s Invitational? Do you expect to more of people’s use of accessible technologies, like phones, in this industry?

I think I have a better understanding of the role of cellphones in storytelling. A shot filmed on a phone can often be more impactful than a shot on a high end production camera. Also, there are thousands of stories being missed out on everyday because people feel they need the right gear to produce it. I expect a lot more people to use cellphones to produce HQ content. Media consumption is increasing everyday and most people watch content on their phones, so it seems natural to shoot content with the device you're using to consume it! That's just my thoughts.

Your talent nailed their performances. Do you know these actors personally, or did you really have to dig for people who could pull this kind of work off?

Collin is one of my best friends from University! I asked him originally if he wanted to help to write it and during the writing session Lizzie and I agreed on the spot that he would be the perfect lead.

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What’s harder? Getting started or being able to keep going?

For me - getting started! Once I am moving, everything comes together.

When you feel creatively drained, what do you do? How do you stay fresh?

I like watching random content on YouTube, exercising or collaborating with other creatives! Additionally, I feel like passive things like taking a shower, sitting in the hot tub or driving help to put me in a state where my creative energy really flows well!

What’s next for you guys?

Lots of travel! We're going to Scotland, China, LA, and Iceland before the end of the summer! Expect lots of travel vlogs and tutorials.

Lastly — is “6 Chiles” a true story? *winks*

Haha - I think we've all been there. ;)

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Director’s Note:

Collin - Collin Sideris
Doctor - Joey Harlem
Girl - Jenna Shamata
Women w/ dog - Meave Ehm
Cop - David Andrew Brent

Directed, Produced and Edited by: Chris Hau + Lizzie Peirce
Written by: Chris Hau, Lizzie Peirce, Collin Sideris
Concept: Chris Hau + Simon Paluk
Director of photography: Chris Hau
Assistant Camera: Ricky Christie
Voice Over + Mix: Gabe Gallucci
Soundtrack: Brandon Fehderau
Colour: Mitchel Reed

Shot on iPhone 7 and iPhone X

Special Thanks To:
Connor Illsley and Combo Bravo for Lenses
Chris Humphries at MARC Management
Assunta at Bradford Wellness Centre
Rhiannon Dunets for Art Direction
Mike Sgro for the custom Stickers
Thunder Thighs Costume Store
Gaelan Love
Lucy Martin
Aleks Wittkamp
All the sponsors for their support

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