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Because you can never have enough holiday shopping ideas, our team has hand picked some of our favorite products for the mobile photographer on your list!

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At Moment, winter is one of our favorite times of year for capturing beautiful imagery. Cold weather adventures can bring new life to places we thought we already knew. And because you can never have enough holiday shopping ideas, our team has hand picked some of our favorite products for the mobile photographer on your list. Happy Holidays!


Osmo Mobile

The Osmo Mobile is a great tool for any filmmaker or videographer looking to capture smooth, stabilized video without lugging around a bunch of gear. Paired with the iPhone and Moment lenses, it takes mobile video to a professional level. I love that it’s lightweight and can easily be thrown in my bag. Throw a few extra batteries in your bag, and you’re set for a day of adventure.

Selected By Zach Reed

Buy - $299.99


Grip Tight Micro Stand

Joby makes dozens of different tripods, but the Micro Stand is my favorite for mobile photography. It’s small and portable design works well when I’m carrying all my winter gear. The tripod adapter adjusts to any phone size and folds down super tiny. Perfect for time lapse shots or anytime you want to guarantee zero movement while shooting.

Selected By Erik Hedberg

Buy - $29.95

Moondog Labs

Moment Filters

Having great photography gear in your pocket is the dream. The new filter mount from Moondog Labs lets you expand your Moment Kit to include circular polarizers and ND filters. Now you can be prepared for any lighting conditions. Also pairs nicely with Moment’s new Travel Case.

Selected By Andrew Stoner

Buy - $35

Outdoor Research

Transcendent Mitts

The description reads, “down booties for your hands,” and that is exactly right. I have perpetually frozen fingers, so my love of skiing and playing outdoors sometimes creates frustration when “touch screen safe” gloves don’t keep my hands warm. These mittens have taken epic backcountry days to a warmer, cozier place… and the best thing of all? My fingers aren’t too frozen when I take them off to get a shot of the summit.

Selected By Kari Davidson

Buy - $59

Goal Zero

Yeti 150

With all the car camping and surf trips I go on, I needed a way to charge my camera, phone, and computer without worrying about killing the car battery. The Yeti 150 is a portable battery powered generator that fits my needs. I can run lights in the van at night and make sure everything is charged up for a few days. It can also be hooked up to solar for extended trips. Overall a solid product that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for power on the go.

Selected by Caleb Babcock

Buy - $179.99


Lady Freeman

My Freeman jacket is great for outdoor shoots. When the weathers not great it’s completely waterproof and lined for warmth. It’s important to make sure you are warm and comfortable when shooting.

Selected By Ariana Babcock

Buy - $325

Artifact Uprising

Wood Block + Prints

With the amount of photos I take on a daily basis, I have a hard time enjoying them unless I print them and get them into my home. Artifact Uprising makes this easier with their beautiful printed products. I especially like this wood block and prints because it’s perfect for my square Instagram photos, and I don’t have to commit to just one, like I would with a picture frame. The modern, simple design will fit in with any decor, making it an easy gift that works for anyone.

Selected By Julia Manchik

Buy - $25


Camp Cup

The Miir Camp Cup keeps your coffee hot and your hands warm. It’s double wall insulation makes it perfect for both hot and cold liquids. I take it with me for every photo adventure! It’s a great size, feels great in your hands, never sweats or makes your coffee taste funny.

Selected By Melissa Leith

Buy - $24.95

Lucky Straps

Standard 53 Strap

I have the brown and yellow one but they don’t have it anymore. I love it because it’s beautifully designed with really great details. Unlike other straps that look crappy after a few months, my Lucky Strap ages well and builds character. It also feels really nice.

Selected By Gareth Pon

Buy - $74

Peak Design

Everyday Sling

Peak Design offers an array of essential photography goodies. Their bag is probably the most well designed, easy to access, comfortable, and beautifully aesthetic one out there on the market. Whether you like your bags to be large or on the smaller scale, sling or backpack, you are sure to find it at Peak Design. These bags and accessories were designed for both novice and professional photographers alike.

Selected By Erica Simas

Buy - $149.99

All Birds

Wool Runners

When you hit the pavement for a full day of exploring you need to dress your feet properly. Allbirds’ Wool Runners provide comfort, support, and style while I roam the streets to photograph New York City. From uptown, to downtown, my Allbirds give me the comfort to go all day.

Selected By Brian Cason

Buy - $95

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