Moment Gear: Which Lens Is For You?

Which Lens Is For You? Take a look at some comparison sample images of our lenses so you can decide which lens suits your photographic needs.

Super 2
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Choosing the right Moment Lens doesn’t need to be the hardest decision of your day. (Leave that title for the “Iced or Hot” coffee debate.)

All 4 Moment Lenses are quality pieces of glass that offer unique perspectives and focal lengths to amplify and alter your phone’s built-in camera. All of our lenses compliment each other well, but deciding between lens(es) just boils down to personal shooting style.

We made this direct comparison video to perfectly explain the difference between each:

The Superfish Lens.

With a Super Wide 170 degree field of view, it’s perfect for action sports, architecture, and vlogging. This is our go-to lens for mobile vlogging and shooting extremely wide shots with some of that classic fishy warp we all love.

Superfish Gif

The Tele Lens.

This lens transforms your camera into a 2X zoom lens without losing quality. You can get twice as close to your subject, in perfect detail. It’s perfect for portraits, wildlife, and filmmaking. We love this lens because it has that longer lens cinematic look that you don’t get from a standard focal length.

Tele Gif

The Wide Lens.

The Wide Lens is the all-around champ. Great for both photos and videos, it opens the frame to capture 2x more in the shot, compared to your phone’s native camera. Roughly an 18mm equivalent focal length, this wide lens is a must for anyone looking to squeeze more into their frame.

Wide Gif

The Macro Lens.

A jaw-dropping amount of detail packed into a tiny space, the Macro Lens is all about getting close. It has a focal distance of about 1 to 1.5 inches and is a powerful tool for getting tight detail shots and bringing to life the small intimate things of life. This Film was shot completely on the Macro Lens.

Macro Gif

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