Fisheye 15mm Tips: How to Shoot Superwide

A short guide about how to best use the Moment Fisheye 15mm Lens. Learn how to shoot people, tight indoor spaces, and really big scenes.

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Ready to play? We are! Here are some pro tips to maximize the amazing potential of your new Fisheye 15mm lens! If you don’t already have the Fisheye 15mm, get on it! It’s available for purchase here.

These talented photographers gave our Fisheye 15mm a spin, and here’s their advice for getting incredible super wide shots:

Tatyana Perreault


1. This lens is perfect for indoor spaces to capture the whole room. The pictures in the church would have not been as majestic if i was not able to get the full wide view.

2. In big cities with tall buildings, this lens would be perfect for look-ups to capture the surrounding architecture.

Vincent Carabeo


1. Incorporate people into your photos. The fisheye gets a lot of details so everything in your frame will look slightly smaller or more distant. Adding people just gives you this perspective and really emphasizes how much you’re able to get in your frame.

2. Things will look more distant so get closer! Spaces that have beautiful symmetry or tall surroundings (outdoors and indoors) are the best for this. Just make sure to get closer when everything feels much further.

Neal Kumar


1. Interior photos are a great way to take advantage of the Fisheye 15mm. If you can think of any building with interesting interior architecture, this lens can capture almost all of it in one photo. Don’t forget to look up at ceilings for unique details and designs.

2. Given how wide this lens can shoot, you can actually be much closer to your subject and still be able to capture it’s surroundings. In urban environments experiment using people, taxi’s, trains, or boats as your subject while framing them within buildings, streets or other structures.

3. Don’t forget to incorporate good lighting throughout the scene you are trying to capture. If the focal point of your photo is illuminated but the rest of your scene is cast into shadows, you may want to reposition yourself to bring out more details. My favorite time of day to utilize the sun’s natural light is early mornings or later in the day before sunset. If you don’t have much sunlight to work with, look for other sources such as streetlights or lamps.

Victoria Wright


1. The Fisheye 15mm is a fantastic lens to use when you’re in a place that feels bigger than life. Bring it along for hikes, flights, and to buildings and spaces that make you feel small, to truly capture the space around you.

2. When photographing someone close up, keep your subject in the center of the frame for minimal distortion on the body.

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