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This Moment film, With The Sun, is brought to you by Shawn Lowe and gives you a snap shot of his morning routine in Australia

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Season Two: Quiet Moments

This Moment film, “With The Sun,” is brought to you by Shawn Lowe. Shawn is an incredible filmmaker who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now lives in Sydney, Australia. He has a natural talent for making the everyday aspects of life seem more beautiful and exciting. The simple, clean aesthetic of his shots easily inspires you to go out and shoot.  This film, “With The Sun” is no exception and is a great representation of what can be accomplished with such a small device.  

Q & A With Shawn Lowe

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, but now I live in Sydney, Australia with my gorgeous Aussie wife, Ellie and new baby boy Ezra. I am a follower of Jesus, a loving and faithful husband, new father, photographer, filmmaker, musician, traveler and dreamer. We’re constantly traveling and always have a big trip on the horizon. Recently, we moved to the Northern Beaches of Sydney and live a two-minute walk away from Mona Vale beach. Life is good!

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What is this film all about?

This film is about how essential it is to have a solid morning routine. I think when we take advantage of our mornings, get off our lazy bums, and take the time we’ve been given to do something productive, it sets us up to accomplish something good. All it takes is setting an earlier alarm to watch the sunrise, and you can build from there.

What made decide to shoot this particular piece? What inspired you to make this film?

I wanted this video to be personal, and this is exactly what my wife and I are experiencing right now. Living by the beach has allowed us to explore new ways of purposefully spending our mornings. It was easy to shoot, since we are living just a two-minute walk from the beach.

I think I was mostly inspired by how incredible each new morning is. It’s a gift every day. Fresh and uncharted. It’s entirely up to us to decide if we want to face the day with purpose or sit back and let the moments slip by. I have experienced my fair share of lazy days, and I’ve seen where it got me - absolutely nowhere - and I wanted to share that with people and potentially inspire others to make a change and not take that time for granted.

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Who is in the film or was involved in making it?

My wife, Ellie Lowe ( @ellie_lowe ), was involved in front of the camera, which I always try to do as much as possible because she is beautiful. All of the other people in the film (besides myself) are complete strangers who I sniped on our beach.

What locations did you use?

Everything was shot in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, which is where I live. Mainly Mona Vale Beach.

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Tell us a little bit about how you set your iPhone up to shoot. What was your iPhone rig like?

I used the app Filmic Pro on my iPhone 6 for a couple reasons. 1) You are able to control the shutter speed, ISO and white balance. 2) It allowed me to shoot in 3K which made a massive difference in quality.

I also shot a lot of the film on my tripod and glidecam (attached to the top of my Panasonic GH4’s hot shoe). It looked funny, but it was heaps of fun.

What was your biggest challenge(s) of shooting this film all on a phone?

I think the hardest part of shooting it entirely on my iPhone was that the app I was using kept crashing. That wasn’t ideal when I was candidly sniping all the strangers on the beach. I also disliked having pretty terrible dynamic range. Phones don’t really have that luxury yet. However, the 5 inch display was nice to monitor footage on. It was a new experience, and I enjoyed it more than I noticed the challenges.

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What are your 3 favorite moment products?

I found myself grabbing the Wide lens almost always; however, I used the Tele lens almost equally as much throughout my film. Honestly, every lens is incredible. They just have their own strengths. But yeah, probably the Wide , Tele , and the Macro Lens in that order.

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