Moment Films | S. Cole Kiburz and Natasha Wilson “JOURNEY INTO COLOUR - A SEARCH FOR HOLI”

Moment Film, Journey into colour, is brought to you by S. Cole Kiburz and Natasha Wilson, two incredibly talented vivid portrait photographers and filmmakers.

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Journey into Color - A Search for Holi

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Season Two: Quiet Moments

This Moment film, JOURNEY INTO COLOUR, is brought to you by S. Cole Kiburz and Natasha Wilson. These two talented filmmakers are known for their vivid color palette and unique portraiture and composition. This film chronicles their journey to the Holi festival in India. The shooting style gives you an up-close experience, from a first-person perspective. Enjoy!

Q & A With Filmmaker

Filmer Bio:

S. Cole Kiburz is an accomplished filmmaker and photographer who considers himself more of a storyteller than artisan. Natasha Wilson is an award-winning fine art and fashion photographer who has had works published in both print and galleries around the world. The two are friends, collaborators, and adventure buddies.

Instagram: @coleplay - @deanastacia

Twitter: @colekiburz




A few sentences talking about the film:

India is a place that captivates and overwhelms the senses with it’s contradictory layers: vibrant colors meeting stark landscapes. Peaceful temples perch above winding seas of honking horns in crowded streets. It’s vivacious, diverse, and raw. More than anything, it’s a place that can’t be pinned down. It’s a place whose depths must be immersively experienced—an enchanting enigma, if you will. Our film, “Journey Into Colour: A Search for Holi” attempts to show the raw and beautiful culture of India through its varied landscapes, animals, people, and the colours that seem to sing in harmony at every slaloming turn.

What made decide to shoot this particular piece? What inspired you to make this film?

We knew that a trip into such a foreign territory as India needed to be appropriately catalogued. We also knew that we’d need to travel light and be ready for the harshness of the elements we’d endure. To shoot a majority of our content on iPhone seemed a logical approach, and, when doing so, Moment Lenses allow the integrity of earnest filmmaking to still shine through.

Who is in the film or was involved in making it?

The film was created by myself (Cole) and long time friend and collaborator, Natasha Wilson. We both did our best to capture footage as we journeyed collectively with two other cohorts. The film tries to shine a light moreso on India, her people, her landscapes, and her animals than it does on ourselves.

What locations did you use?

We traveled through what is known as India’s “Golden Circuit,” which consists primarily of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Tell us a little bit about how you set your iPhone up to shoot. What was your iPhone rig like?

Often times, our rig was pretty simple: just a couple iPhones and a slew of Moment lenses thrown in the backpack. For Holi Fest in particular, we knew we’d need to better protect the phones from all the talcum powder and water. We bought some cheap waterproof iPhone “pouch” cases on Amazon and cut holes for the protruding lenses. While we had to throw them out afterwards, they were most certainly a worthwhile investment.

What was your biggest challenge(s) of shooting this film all on a phone?

Hands down, the biggest challenge was at Holi Fest. The neverending barrage of talcum powder and water (which was often unsanitary to say the least) was an assault on your eyes and wits, not to mention the gear. Every time you’d wipe the lens clean, you’d instantly be hit again with another cloud of powder. Eventually, there wasn’t a single piece of fabric on our bodies that wasn’t drenched or caked with powder. I thought for sure the lenses would be ruined, but somehow they always recovered after a thorough cleaning later.

What are your 3 favorite moment products.

The lens I use the most is the 18mm wide . I find it useful on an almost daily basis, whether capturing a flat-lay or an expansive landscape. I am also a huge fan of the macro lens . I always wanted a macro lens for my DSLR but could never justify the price for what I’d be using it for. I now incorporate the macro into my iPhone workflow and am constantly mind-blown by the results. I constantly get DMs on Instagram when I post contextual closeups of coffee beans, dew covered leaves, insects, etc. People love it! I’m most excited about the new V2 case that’s about to release for iPhone 7+!!

Original Wide Lens

Original Macro Lens

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