Making Lemonade from Your Loss: A US Roadtrip

Alfie Friday lost the job he loved and decided to take a road trip across the United States to figure out the value of his own dreams and aspirations.

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We’re all losers.

Okay, maybe not all of us, but I’ve certainly lost many times. I’m okay with it though. What matters is what you do with loss.

Last time, I really wanted to give up. I’d just lost my dream job. Doing social media for a company I loved, I explored my creativity everyday and loved going to work. It was a huge loss for me. But, instead of wallowing in negativity, I decided to dedicate the rest of 2016 to saying yes to adventure. And when opportunity came knocking, it looked like a road trip across the USA with my good friend Matt.

had one paycheck left from my “dream job,” and it was going to have to last the whole 2 weeks. That meant I definitely couldn’t afford a new lens for my DSLR, but I quickly realized that was a blessing in disguise. It was my first time shooting on Moment, and I was so excited about the results.

As with any journey, there were lots of stops — some 5-10 mins and others a few hours long. Staten Island was one of those mini-stops, where we came across an abandoned shipyard. The history there cries out from every rotting piece of wood.

We hit the road again, driving 16 hours straight to Kansas City, Missouri. We grabbed coffee after arriving, and there we met Joseph Shaw, an incredibly talented videographer who offered to show us around town. We hit up a rooftop, abandoned corners of the city, a notoriously bad pizza shop, and his buddy’s distillery. All the guys we met were hard-work-self-start dream chasers, and seeing them reaffirmed me. We talked about loss and what we’d sacrificed in pursuit of our passions. And that’s when it hit me: the word “loser” wasn’t right at all. These guys were so brave.

As we cut on, through Midwestern landscapes, I kept returning to one question: how much should a person risk for the chance to accomplish their dreams?

When we arrived at the “Garden of the Gods,” gigantic red rock formations from millions of years ago greeted us warmly. We arrived at sunset, and the orange glow sweeping over the red giants was so beautiful that we drove by twice on the way out.

Salt Lake City Utah, however, was probably my favorite part of the trip. It’s really a photographers’ paradise. The ground is rock salt and covered with a thin layer of water, which creates an unreal mirror effect. This place is a pseudo-eternity that you’d imagine seeing in a movie. Only the big blue mountains in the back remind you that you’re still on earth.

We passed through Lake Tahoe and San Francisco on our way to Monterrey. When we arrived, my uncle fired up the grill and the conversation. Again, talk found its way onto the subject of sacrifice and building the life you want. My uncle described his own journey, moving to the west coast when he was my age to make a new home.
How perfect that I should spend the last evening of this journey with a man who abandoned everything he knew in the pursuit of a dream. I took a sip of my beer and smiled. Cheers.

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