Make Your Images Stand Out W/ Natasha Wilson (@deanastacia)

Natasha is one of Moment’s favorite artists. Her divine colors, beautiful editing techniques, & visionary dreams allures something both haunting & telling.

Make Your Images Stand Out W/ Natasha Wilson (@deanastacia)

Making Your Images Stand Out

An Interview with Natasha Wilson (@deanastacia)

Natasha Wilson is one of Moment’s favorite creatives (oops, yeah… we went there!). Her divine color work, beautiful editing techniques, and visionary masterpieces allure to something both haunting and telling. Though, her portfolio reigns more than just a beautiful aesthetic —it’s drenched with deeper meaning. There’s an empowering, yet delicate feel to her work that is not often seen in the photography space these days. Natasha plays the line between careful execution of her vibrant, creative ideas and having the openness to allow fresh moments to sweep her and her models into another realm of surrender. There’s a balance of beauty and emotion. As another interview with So Caposhi puts it: Natasha has an abundantly adventurous energy.

In addition to wanting to sit down and pick her brain, Natasha is also a guide for an upcoming Moment Travel trip to Peru. Yeah… Peru! This trip is a once in a lifetime chance to mix the high-end and the rugged: professional models, designer gowns, and luxury villas among pristine, untouched landscapes and ancient towns. Dive deep into the enchanted landscapes of Southern Peru and Machu Picchu as you learn how to blend travel, fashion, portraiture and fine art photography. Sign up here.

Let’s see what she has to say.

First, tell us a little bit about yourself! Name three things most people don’t know about you.

I am learning how to play the banjo, and strive to be a semi-good blue grass player someday! I’ve lived in a lot of places - Hawaii, Australia and Nebraska to name a few. I had a fear of Ketchup until the age of 21, now I love it.

How would you describe your style?

Fine art portraiture with a twist of fashion and whimsy.

The photographs you create are mesmerizing and rather complex. What does your creative process generally look like when heading into a photo shoot?

I do a lot of preparation ahead of time, to ensure that I will be able to create the vision in my mind. This includes everything from gathering props to screen shots of poses I like on my phone, and I also location scout with images a day or two before so I know exactly what I want to do where. On the actual shoot day, there is an order to things but I also leave freedom to be inspired by my surroundings and what happens in the moment. My favorite part is editing. Once I have my selections, I usually edit in an order that the images inspire me most.

What’s your primary source (or sources) of inspiration behind your unique and ethereal imagery techniques?

I find inspiration in everything! If I drive by a location that I think has potential, I can create a story in my mind based off of that place. When I pull gowns from designers, I can envision a story to tell through the pieces. I also find inspiration through color, and any time I find something that stands out - a prop, location, piece of clothing, etc - I will create a story around it.

Favorite color or color palette?

Emerald green is my favorite color. It’s harder to pin a color palette because I love so many. But I would lean towards a psychedelic color palette since we see it less often on a daily basis.

Favorite movie... just because?

So many! Off the top of my head - ‘Mustang’ is an incredible foreign film that I will always love. I have seen the movie ‘The Imposter’ about 10 times now because the story is absolutely wild - and it’s true! Definitely a must see. And ‘The Invention of Lying’ is hilarious and I love the lessons they carried with the storyline!

Your work strikes more to me than just a beautiful aesthetic, there’s meaning and vivid emotion. What’s the message you try to convey within your work, if any?

Thank you! I think I strive to tell a story within each photograph. I want to evoke feeling in the viewer, but more importantly to capture their attention for more than a second. My goal is to help the viewer forget their own world for a second and be immersed in mine.

Finally, how has LA molded your photography career?

For me, LA has given me an endless amount of opportunity. From the locations to shoot (beaches, waterfalls, forest, and desert all within a 2 hour drive from LA) to the amount of talented people that I have the honor of working with and call my friends, the options are limitless. Being in LA has opened my world in more ways than one and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

Thanks Natasha! Follow her on instagram and check out her portfolio.

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