MagSafe Compatible Accessories For Your iPhone 14 & Samsung Device

Snap it anytime, anywhere. Compatible for both Apple and Samsung devices, there's a little something for everyone.

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So, what’s (M)Force anyway? Good question.

M force is our version of a magnetic collaboration between your device’s case and our MagSafe compatible accessories. For obvious legal reasons, we can’t name that function what Apple calls it, so we put our spin on it.

Upon crafting and updating our ever popular cases for the latest lineup of Samsung devices and iPhone 14, we felt it was necessary to include a magnet for the phones that didn’t already have that capability.

To give you the most confidence, we built these mounts with our proprietary (M)Force magnets. Stronger than the competition, these mounts ensure your phone is always secure. We have tripod mounts, cold shoe mounts, stick-to-any-wall mounts, and even car mounts. Shop our accessories at the end of this page.


Our less-is-more case. "A super-thin body, soft-to-the-touch texture, lens ready, and compatibility with our (M) Force Magnetic Mounts, bring the best features to these new cases.It's a refined lens fit, so it's easier to install a lens with less effort. Additionally, these cases are covered by our Two-Year warranty. Find a list of compatible M-Series lenses below.

  • Compatible with Moment (M)Force Magnetic Mounts

  • New Microfiber Liner

  • Improved Drop Protection

  • Optimized for 5G MM Wave Performance

  • Strap Attachment for one-handed shooting

  • Built-in Lens Mount

Works with Moment (M)Force Magnetic Mounts

We believe our (M)Force Mounts are the future for how you quickly attach your favorite gear to your phone and your phone to your favorite gear. We've also refined how the lenses fit into the case, it's now easier to install a lens with less effort

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Moment Lens Compatibility

S21 5G and S21+ 5G are both fully compatible with all M-series Lenses.

S21 Ultra 5G is Fully compatible with the Anamorphic lens and Tele 58mm when mounted over the 3x Tele. M-Series Macro, Wide, and Fisheye can mount but will see vignetting.

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Case for Samsung Galaxy with (M)Force

Make your Galaxy into an even better camera using a Moment case, now with (M)Force! The included Moment Lens interface lets you attach the world’s best glass

Buy for $19.99

iPhone 14

Our extra protective case is now available with (M)Force. The rugged, dual compound, construction provides peace of mind when your gear hits the ground. Inside, we included an array of magnets that are (M)Force compatible (charging and connection) and works with our exclusive line of new Mounts for Magsafe®. Beyond magnets, this case has a wrist strap connection and our lens mount, making the case compatible with any of our M-Series mobile lenses.

If you want the most protective case that is (M)Force compatible, this is for you.

  • M-Series Lens Mount

  • Built-in magnet array is (M)Force compatible

  • Compatible with our Moment Mounts for MagSafe™

  • Works with most Qi Wireless Chargers

  • 6-foot Drop Protection

  • Case body made with Bio-Plastic TPU

  • Ships in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging

  • Includes attachment for a wrist strap (sold separately)

  • Works with screen protectors (sold separately)

  • Covered by our 2-year warranty

Over 6 Feet of Drop Protection

This is the most protective case we make. The kind of case that protects your phone from drops, scratches and those unexpected “oh s#$@” moments.

  • Thin rubberized body.

  • Dual compound construction for extra strength.

  • Curved to the edges of the phone to provide the right balance of protection and minimal form.

  • The inside is covered in microsuede that is sourced in Japan, providing protection and comfort for your expensive camera phone.

Easier To Grip

The back of the case is made of real American walnut wood or coated black canvas, both selected to provide a subtle texture on the back of your phone for easier one-handed shooting. In combination with the grippy TPU, these materials provide a high-quality tactile feel that helps you hang on to your camera phone in whatever conditions.

Moment Lens Ready

All of our iPhone 14 cases come with a built-in lens mount that is permanently affixed to the case. 

Moment 310 197 i Phone 14 Black thumbnail


Case for iPhone 14 - Compatible with MagSafe®

Looking for a thin but rugged, soft-to-the-touch iPhone 14 case? Moment MagSafe compatible iPhone 14 cases look good, feel good and protect your phone

Buy for $39.99

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