The Lofoten Islands: The Gems Of Norway

Tristan Bogaard @tristanbogaard takes us on a photography adventure through the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. See incredible cabins and mountains galore.

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The Lofoten islands, located in the far north of Norway, are some of the most beautiful islands on the European continent. They are sometimes referred to as the Northern tropics, due to the special blue and green hues in the water. Don’t be mistaken though: these islands have rough, ever-changing weather and an astounding amount of different landscapes, offering something for everyone. 

Remote, wild, and full of epic scenery, these unique islands are not to be missed! Below, I've detailed my favorite locations to shoot when you visit. 

Munkebu Hut

The hike up to Munkebu hut from Sørvagen is long and gradual, and it crosses some beautiful freshwater lakes on the way. The huts themselves are built to let people stay overnight in summer and are positioned on a beautiful mountain overlooking a deep fjord. 

What makes this location so special is the remoteness and the classic Norwegian cabin design, especially when photographed from the lake in front. 

Munkebu Hut 1
Munkebu Hut 2

Reine Fjord

The fjord containing the islands and towns of Reine, Hamnøy, Olenilsøy, and many others is probably the most famous location in the Lofoten Islands. With unlimited potential for photos and videos (not to mention the treat for your eyes), it’s high on the list for anyone traveling here. 

Steep mountains rising straight out of the sea, quant fisherman cabins, many different viewing points, and activities such as sea-kayaking make it a worthwhile place to stay for a few days! 

Reine Fjord 1
Reine Fjord 2
Reine Fjord 3
Reine Fjord 4

Secret Shelter

I won’t spoil its location, but this little wooden cabin is gathering quite a lot of interest on Instagram... 

Located near the sea and mountains, susceptible to wild weather, and built to last, this place offers a unique perspective on one of the most famous Norwegian talents: building cabins in unimaginably beautiful places! 

Secret Shelter 1
Secret Shelter 2

Skagsanden Beach

This beach, near the town of Flakstad, is an important place for surfers throughout summer (and sometimes winter), since it brings some fantastic waves and, like everywhere else, stunning scenery. You may be lucky enough to catch a thin layer of water covering the sand, creating a vivid reflection of the mountains north of the beach. 

A little plus is that no hike is required, making it super easy to access from the road. Just park and walk over! 

Skagsanden Beach 1
Skagsanden Beach 2
Skagsanden Beach 3
Skagsanden Beach 4


The mountain called Ryten, overlooking Kvalvika beach, is probably one of the most special hikes around, since it offers a near-360 degree view, showcasing all the major mountains in the area. Just a short drive away and easily accessible, the hike is a popular one. Although, most people opt for views from the beach below. 

The hike to Ryten is not too steep and takes about two hours, making it accessible to people with little hiking experience. A real gem! 

Ryten 1
Ryten 2
Ryten 3


Located in-between and overlooking two of Lofoten’s famous beaches, Mannen is a hike not to be missed. It’s steep in the beginning, but it gradually flattens out and can be hiked up and down in a few hours. 

The summit overlooks Haukland and Uttakleiv beach and even offers some protection from the wind if you’re lucky - good for enjoying a cup of tea and some trail mix! 

Photo By @mannen


As a final addition, when hiking down from Mannen, the Norwegians created an easy passage under the mountain in order to reach Uttakleiv Beach in just a few minutes driving. 

A special campground has been created for people wanting to enjoy this exceptional view throughout the night and attracts quite a crowd. It’s a lovely place to sit down, watch the sunset, and feel grateful for living. 

Uttakleiv 1
Uttakleiv 2

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