6 Pro Drone Filmmakers Fly the Moment Drone Anamorphic

Instead of flying it around ourselves, we wanted to put our lens in the hands of 6 filmmakers to see what they love most about the Drone Anamorphic.

Here’s What 6 Influencers Have to Say About Moment’s Drone Anamorphic Lens…

Putting our latest family member to the test...

In the hands of our favorite filmmakers.

Drone footage will never be the same…

We're stoked on the new anamorphic lens for drones, but what we really care about is what some of the filmmakers we admire most think about it. Which is why we invited two of them to Iceland with us and four more to Seattle to provide us priceless feedback (and show us a thing or two about shooting with drones). 

Now that we're free to share our latest lens with the world, the filmmakers are sharing their thoughts on their own channels. Before is a roundup of their thoughts and a link to their videos. If you're not already familiar with these amazingly talented creatives, be sure to go down some serious YouTube rabbit holes. 


Getting the perfect view spot.

Dirk playing with the drone.

Caleb ready for action.

Kraig Adams

“The Moment Anamorphic Lens adds so much more cinematic potential to an already amazing drone. It’s like I have a brand new drone and I can’t wait to get out and discover unique shots with this new layer of light effects and artifacts.”

Becki and Chris

“As a YouTuber who doesn’t fly a lot of drones, the anamorphic lens is really making me wanna get better at flying and experiment with unique lighting scenarios for cinematic video! It’s just one of those awesome products that gets you thinking outside the box!”

Jesse Driftwood

“Getting that cinematic aspect ratio without having to crop anything out of the frame in post is such a game changer. Please make anamorphic lenses for my eyes thanks.”

Controlling the drone.

All the boys together.

In flight.

Ani looking mysterious.

Peter McKinnon

"This is insane. You know how JJ Abrams gives you that sweet cinematic flare and gorgeous highlights? That's an anamorphic lens. The fact that Moment allows you to now use that kind of imagery on a drone will blow your delicious new footage out of the water; a hundred times more cinematic. We've become so used to the commodified Folgers-coffee drone look that we don't even bat an eye to it anymore when shown in film. But this is a total game changer."

Dirk Dallas

"This anamorphic lens brings awesome cinematic lens flare to your drone."


Ani Acopian 

"The lens is more than an accessory—it elevates the look of your entire shot." 

Everyone being very impressed... ;)

The vibrant drone landing pad.

Taking a deeper look.

Jesse is stoked.

Happy Droning!

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