Less Malls, More Moments: Instagram Contest Winner

Contest winner announced! Moment’s Less Malls More Moments contest encouraged people to spend time with loved ones rather than shopping.

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Thanks for joining us this Black Friday for our Less Malls, More Moments Instagram Contest. We had a great time, unplugging from the hustle and bustle to spend time with our loved ones.

Here are some of our favorite Less Mall, More Moments submissions from our community:

And finally, our Less Malls, More Moments 2016 grand prize winner: Sophia Degroot!

In the true spirit of focusing on what really matters, we committed to donating $1000 to the winner’s favorite charity. Sophia chose to donate the funds to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund. We took a minute yesterday to chat with her about her submission and her choice of charity. Check the interview out below:

What inspired you to take this image?
I was inspired to take this image both because of the sharp lighting, but also to preserve this moment – a favorite of mine. Whether my family is at home in Seattle or visiting a different city, we make a point to drink our morning coffee together in the sun. It is often a quiet, reflective time. I felt compelled to document it because it is one of my favorite small traditions that has found its way into my family. Though it is just my dad shown in the photo, my mom is sitting next to him, just out of view.

Who did you spend your time with during these days of gathering?
I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the entire week of Thanksgiving with my family. This was especially important to me because the last three weeks have left me feeling disheartened and shockingly sad. I heard about so many people really looking forward to getting back to their families last week, but others who were dreading what sitting around a table together might bring. This only brought to light how lucky I am to get to quietly drink coffee on a balcony with my parents while we observe the changing world around us.

We spent the week down in New Orleans, exploring this new city and enjoying its vibrant colors, tingling melodies, and incredible people. I have never been to a city quite as unique as New Orleans in cuisine, architecture, and street art and music. There is something really special about getting to wander around a new town each Thanksgiving holiday (it’s become a tradition of ours to spend the holiday somewhere new each year), as it gives you a drastically different perspective on what ‘America’ is to Americans across our nation – something I believe we all must focus on trying to understand on a deeper level in coming months.

Why did you choose this charity?
I wanted to give to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund because, as I ate my turkey and cranberry sauce in comforting air conditioning, I could not help but remember the millions who don’t receive this luxury. This year, the Lakota Indians at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota were especially on my mind. Once again, they find themselves fighting on the front lines for something I take for granted every day. I want to support their right to fight for their lives and ensure they can receive due counsel to help them combat inherent prejudices in our legal system. Your competition and the chance for me to make a true impact at Standing Rock really means the world to me! Thank you so much!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted and made this contest so special. We’ll see you next year for Less Malls, More Moments 2017!

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