Love, Travel, and Cameras: Bilingual in Photography

What if having a camera could bring you closer to people you love - and maybe even strangers too? Globe trotting and finding a new language in photography, see how Julia and Yuriy make their word bigger

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Julia and Yuriy are one of those Instagram couples. The kind that inspires you with beautiful weekend adventures and meaningful connections. With a cohesive photographic style that leaves you wondering how two people can make symmetry and intent appear so easy to capture. And if you follow them long enough, you start checking both of their feeds to see how the other interpreted the same weekend excursion.

Julia and Yuriy have been capturing their travels long before Instagram couples became a thing. So when their five year wedding anniversary came up, it was almost a foregone conclusion that they would pack their bags with a camera.

Five years ago, right after their wedding, Julia and Yuriy took a similar trip. They traveled for six months around the world, across four continents and 16 countries. They shared their journey on Mr. + Mrs. Globetrot. This time they fit as much as they could into one month, visiting 5 countries in Europe. And instead of sharing their trip on a blog, we followed along on Instagram.

It goes to show that the only thing that has really changed for the couple is the platform by which they share their story.

When you ask them why they travel, they will tell you that it’s because they love the unexpected. They are drawn to the energy in discovering the new, waking up in the morning and feeling like anything could happen. Never visiting the same place twice, travel is their counter to the consistent schedule that life provides. And if you ask them why they carry a camera they have a similar purpose:

“I notice so much more with a camera. We don’t walk down a street to get somewhere, but to see interesting buildings, people, and interactions. With a camera, we walk longer and further, until we’re outside touristy areas. We go where locals are, and it makes the experience so much richer. A camera is as universal as a smile. If you don’t speak the language, smile and point to your camera… most people will smile back for a portrait. You never know what you’re going to get when you’re in a new city with a camera, and that keeps us coming back for more.” ~ Julia Manchik.

Friendship is an important element of their travels. Whether meeting strangers or Instagram friends, they often mix new places with new people. Rather than pre-plan their trips, they often follow the advice of others, letting intuition guide them through new places.

“In Switzerland, we connected over Instagram with a husband and wife photography couple we’d never met. David and Kathrin took us to lunch, showed us around a castle, and took us on an incredibly scenic boat ride. As if that wasn’t enough, they generously took some really great photos of Yuriy and me. If you have a shared interest like photography, it’s even easier to connect with people.”

For most, photography is an intimate experience. For Julia and Yuriy, it’s a conversation starter with a world they don’t see every day.

In the age where ‘staged’ has become a staple to Instagram success, Julia and Yuriy find a way to do their own thing. Maybe it’s the camera in their hand that brings out their need to see the world. Or the world that brings out their desire to carry a camera. Regardless, the combination of love, camera, and travel clearly inspires the two of them to fall further and further in love.

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