Introducing: FREE Time Collection

Our new FREE Time collection is 100% made by and selected by the women at Moment. Wristlets, straps, and cases galore. Sorry guys, this one's for the ladies.

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The FREE Time Collection

We’re thrilled to launch our new FREE Time Collection that is 100% made and selected by the women at Moment. Various straps, wristlets, and wallet cases — gorgeous photo accessories for creative women inspired by their own personal definition of free time.

We made these products in mind to ensure nothing but the highest of quality for any fashionable, yet functional needs for urban living. Special love to our product designer, Audrey, for breathing life into this precious project.

FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection

Moment Crossbody Wallet / Wristlet



It’s like a clutch, except way better. Big enough to hold all the essentials, though small enough to carry for on-the-go functionality. It’s equipped with two eyelets on each side, so you can attach a longer strap and turn it into a crossbody. Designed with a beautiful high quality soft leather finish, it’s the perfect touch for any free time activity in need of small-volume carry option.

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FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection
FREE Time Collection

Wallet Case


Say goodbye to your wallet, we’ve got you covered. Our lovely new wallet case can hold up to 2 cards in a snug leather pouch on the back of your phone. Allowing for quick access to your ID or debit card, you no longer have to awkwardly shift between the two while in line for coffee. It’s the sleekest, sexiest approach to minimalism. Best part? You can attach any Moment lens on the back of your smartphone device with this case.

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Freetime Collection Julia 111

Neck Straps


Carry your phone like a real camera with our sleek leather neck strap. Designed with full support for any device, it’s just long enough for a comfortable fit to your body. It’s got a premium leather and rope construction with a beautifully slim, low profile design.

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