A short story from a weekend adventure with strangers and their Moment lenses. Follow along with @cubbygraham, @jorgeq, @ariana_babcock, @cameracaleb, @thistallboy, and @quequequeso.

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I pulled up to the curb at the LAX airport, and five familiar faces came bounding down the sidewalk toward me…Cubby (@cubbygraham), Jorge (@jorgeq), Ariana (@ariana_babcock), Caleb (@cameracaleb), and Joshua (@thistallboy). All of us strangers and yet close friends via Instagram. Jumping out of the rad SUV that our friends at Skurt delivered to me that morning, we exchanged non emoji salutations. We actually shared a real hug!

Back in the car, we headed out for a weekend of adventure, photography, and connection.

Ig To Irl 1
Ig To Irl 2
Ig To Irl 3
Ig To Irl 4
Ig To Irl 5

The primary introduction point between the group is Moment. Each of us have found a different path to the brand and the team behind it. And now as members of the Moment Collective we wanted to spend time reflecting on how we can help the next generation of creatives.

Making it as a creative is hard and often lonely. Yes, people are courteous to one another, but it’s rare to dig deeper about the struggles, fears, and challenges in really making a living as a creative. With cameras in hand and undiscovered lands in front of us, meaningful conversation was a natural part of the experience.

Ig To Irl 6
Ig To Irl 7
Ig To Irl 8A
Ig To Irl 8B
Ig To Irl 9
Ig To Irl 10

Our second bond is the Instagram community. What’s amazing is that each of us live in different corners of the world and yet one platform has brought us together over a shared love for photography. If a photo speaks one thousand words, I’d wager that I know some of my IG friends better than I’d know a lifelong pen pal.

Ig To Irl 11
Ig To Irl 12
Ig To Irl 13A
Ig To Irl 13B
Ig To Irl 14A
Ig To Irl 14B
Ig To Irl 15

These photos can’t communicate the inside jokes from the weekend or the taste of the perfect s’mores we made, but they do allow us to share the deeper connections made. Plus, sunsets and rubber duck races are better left unexplained anyway. 😉

Ig To Irl 16
Ig To Irl 17
Ig To Irl 18
Ig To Irl 19A
Ig To Irl 19B
Ig To Irl 20
Ig To Irl 21A
Ig To Irl 21B
Ig To Irl 22

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