How To Utilize Manual Focus

Selecting manual focal points can add a more dynamic feel to your photos. Learn how to use composition and focus sliders for better photos.

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Manual Focus

I’m sure you’ve experienced that horrible, gut-wrenching feeling when looking at a photo that you thought was perfectly in focus only to realize it wasn’t. Don’t waste your time relying on automatic focus functions when you’re able to manually select which part of the picture you want to shine.

Our Moment Camera App allows users to manually select the focal range of your smartphone, making each image all the more sharp. Can your native app do that? Nah. Goodbye uncertainty!

Below are three simple tips for manual focusing while shooting mobile.

How to Add Dimension

Attaining a relatively sharp image first comes with proper focal range. Most DSLR shooters capture with autofocus because it’s simple, effective, and reliable. However, having the option to manually focus on a particular subject, or part of a subject, is crucial to finalizing the perfect picture. 

Manual focus especially comes in handy when the camera can’t quite fix on what part of the frame you need — like when you’re shooting a particular subject in the foreground vs. background.

Manual focus luckily came to fruition, as an automatic shutter would have focused on a sliver of grass in front of Paint above, rather than his cute li’l face. Cameras tend to focus on the object that’s closest to the shutter — which may not be what the photographer wants to focus on.

How to Focus Portraits

For portraits in particular, focus on the pupils of the eyes; especially if your subject is turned even slightly away from the camera. It will make your picture look especially in tune. To do this, play with your subject and turn them in a circle to catch the best light possible on their face — window light or sunsets are the best source of luminescence. Then slide the focus meter until the whites of the eyes are bright and clear.

Have the subject tilt their head, up or down. Sometimes a few degrees makes all the difference.

How to Use a Focus Slider

In the Moment - Pro Camera App, you can manually focus by sliding the lever from left to right; near to far. Sliding on a spectrum allows you full access to a flexible focal emphasis in dynamic scenes. Slide until your screen is focused on the subject you want.

Understanding the basic functions of what makes a great image comes from the use of manual photography. As easy as it may seem to automate your phone’s camera functions, being able to independently control ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and image formatting will take your photography game to a drastic new level.

Now get out there and show us what you got! Tag @moment and #momentcamera on Instagram when using the Moment - Pro Camera app for a chance to be featured. 

Happy Shooting!