How To Stay Creative at Home With the DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Read more of our pros' tricks on using the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 for at-home projects, below. We chatted with the major personalities of the Internet.

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How To Stay Creative at Home With the Osmo Mobile 3

From the Pros: Lizzie Pierce, Chris Hau, Mango Street

Being stuck inside doesn’t have to be boring. As creatives, staying at home gives us the unique opportunity to brainstorm inventive filmmaking projects. Whether that be producing an abstract time-lapse or a how-to video on making the best cup of coffee, there’s truly endless possibilities. But, where to start? We talked with the pros to answer this very question, and the tips they give when using their favorite gimbal: The DJI Osmo Mobile 3. Read more of their tricks on using this bad boy for at-home projects, below.

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Gimbal Movements and Tracking

Moving Timelapse

Level up your timelapse by making one that “moves”. Shift your body from side to side, create pans or tilting motions — something that’s non-static. This allows you the dynamic range to show off more of your scene in an exciting fashion. It’s important to move your body at the same rhythm as your camera; creating a smooth transition from one spot to the next. The point is to make it look like it would move that same as it would on a dolly.

Subject Tracking

Keeping focus while filming a subject in motion can be a very challenging and daunting task, even for seasoned videographers. If you’re trying to hold the camera and pull focus at the same time, it’s wise to use a gimbal or rig that does the work for you. With DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3, there’s a brand new tracking feature allowing you to highlight the subject you wish to steadily follow. A simple technique to follow while filming a moving subject is to maintain a steady distance between your camera and the subject while recording. Adjust the correct focus, then begin filming. Direct your subject to move as they do and maintain that same distance as best you can for the duration of your clip. This allows you to pay closer attention to other aspects of your shot such as framing and stability.

Push Ins / Pull Outs

Pushing and pulling are the art of slowly moving toward or away from your subject. This famous filmmaking tactic is perfect for bringing the viewer either closer or farther from the action of your scene. They’re perfect for expanding upon detail, or creating a dramatic reveal. Instead of having to hold your breath while holding your mobile device, you can easily grasp the gimbal and have a steady image with fluid motion. We find that placing a deep bend into the knees and holding your arm out from underneath your body at a 90 degree angle will drive best results.

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Grab Your Pets

Dramatic Pet Reveal

In response to the aforementioned tips, gimbals create a sense of movement that makes for the perfect reveal. So, let’s get creative. One fun way to use your DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is to point the camera towards the floor capturing several items (like dog toys) and pan up towards your final subject (your furry friend).

Eye Level

Shooting at eye level with your subject, human or canine, creates a sense of personable intention. There’s meaning behind the eyes of who you’re capturing, there’s life. So, have fun with it! Push out (refer to tip #1) from your subject as they walk toward you at eye level for a dramatic stance. Have the camera parallel to your chest with their eyes in the middle-to-top of the screen. Hold the trigger, turn it around, and get down low. Composition is key with eye-level imagery.

Dji Osmo Mobile 3

Film Your Hobbies

But, Show Some Excitement

While it may be easy to get caught up in framing the shot with cinematic focus, you’re also the director alongside the shooter. You have to instruct your subject to move the way you wish, otherwise you’ll have a boring stagnant shot with no story. Showing some excitement within your frame — some action — to convey feeling or fleeting memory. Acting excited will, too, get your subject equally as stoked. Saying things like “whoa!” at the end of a well-shot clip will encourage the actor and set to sustain a good level of energy throughout the project.

There’s Three Cameras on the Phone — Use Them!

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, most new smartphones these days have two, three, or more cameras on them for advanced shooting. It’s easy to want to capture the wide scescenence with manual movements of the gimbal, but try and utilize the different lenses on the phone for a more dynamic approach. Let the device do the work for you. Chris Hau likes to particularly shoot on the Tele Lens to snag tight details shots to help better showcase the set of timelines. No one is parallax in the background, and it helps you focus on the subject.

Capture The Surroundings

Capture the environment, set the stage. It helps bring the viewer in closely to your story. More importantly, you’ll be an active participant in the environment to which you’re filming and, therefore, form a deeper connection to its surroundings.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 in action.

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