How To Use Manual White Balance Settings

Learn how to understand your scenery and use sliders to get perfectly balanced temperature in your photos using White Balance settings.

White Balane Article

Manual White Balance Settings

The purpose of white balance is to accurately incorporate the same neutral colors and tones seen by the naked eye into your photography. Although most smartphones have automatic white balance settings in your camera, customizing your own will enable you to take your photos to the next level.

White balance is one of the more simpler settings for manual photography. Not all light is created equal — so it’s imperative to understand the basic essentials of what white balance is how we can adjust it accordingly.

How To Understand The Environment

The cooler the image, the more blue in tone and the warmer the image, the more yellow in tone. Simple, no? One of the best ways to ensure you’re in the correct white balance setting is holding up a white piece of paper in front of the sensor. Adjust the kelvin setting to a higher number (cool) or a lower number (warm) until the piece of paper looks like white to your naked eye.

How To Utilize Live View

Though it might sound obvious at first, the popular Live View function on either a DSLR or your smartphone’s camera screen will greatly help you determine a proper white balance structure; especially how each WB function affects the overall tone of your photograph.

When combatting difficult lighting situations, use the live view on your device to understand how the scene works under different settings. 

How To Slide & Adjust Your White Balance

In the Moment - Pro Camera App, you can manually adjust your white balance settings by sliding from left to right in our app’s slider tool. This step allows for creative flexibility, as every photographer is different in what they prefer for their colors and tones. Whether you’re into cooler or warmer images, having the option to manually adjust this setting comes in handy when you’re in more complex lighting situations.

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