How to Pick the Right Moment Case

Moment offers a variety of smartphone photography cases. Here's how to pick the best phone case for you.

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How to Pick the Right Moment Case 

At Moment, we take phone cases seriously. Here's how to understand which one is right for you.  

Phone cases are arguably the most important smartphone accessory. Not only do they change how your new device looks and feels, they’re often the only line of defense protecting your investment from becoming a shattered paperweight. For smartphone photography with Moment lenses, Moment cases are the only way to mount your lenses using a unique DSLR-like interface. From ultra-thin cases designed to hold lenses in gimbal setups to daily-carry cases that protect you phone and bring unique style to it, there are options for everyone. Here are the materials, models, and differences in the current Moment phone case lineup.


The materials your phone case is made out of matter. We’ve been working on perfecting bioplastics that feel good, wear well, and compost when you’re finished using them as a phone case. The Bio Case and Thin Case are both made out of bioplastic and we are actively working on bringing this material to our entire case lineup.

Why Bioplastic?

Bioplastic is better for the planet. On average, a phone case is used for just two years. After two years, most cases end up in a landfill, where they take between four hundred and two thousand years to decompose. We may be a small brand, but from Moment alone, that’s hundreds of thousands of cases that will essentially never biodegrade, and we weren’t ok with that.

We focused on bioplastics instead of recyclable material because most recycled materials in the USA actually end up in a landfill. City recycling programs have struggled to find buyers, and some counties have even shut down their recycling programs completely. The ones that still exist often only accept plastic bottles, which rules out a recyclable phone case.

What is Bioplastic?

Bioplastic is a plant-based thermoplastic elastomer that is just as durable as our older materials but fully compostable. Simply put, we use plant oils instead of dinosaur-based petroleum. In our Bio Case we take the extra step of adding in flax husk to reduce the amount of plastic used, and add air pockets to speed up the composting process (it also protects your phone better).

What does “Compostable” mean?

Our Bio Plastic meets ASTM D6400-04 and E.U. EN13432 standards for compostability. It means you can toss your case in the city compost bin when you upgrade your phone. It will be 90% broken down in as little as 4 months. The resulting compost is even safe to grow food with. The case will compost in a home compost pile, but it will take significantly longer.

The Cases

Moment newcases dec2019 lifestyle webres 07
Moment cases holiday 2019 Case 35
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This is our bread and butter smartphone case. This is the only case style currently offered for Android phones. As for protection, this is our most protective case. This case was designed by and for the (clumsy, active) photographers at Moment and it’s meant to be used every day, with and without lenses.


The Case is our most protective case. It is made up of more than 50% bio plastic, with a polycarbonate frame, and a glass filled nylon interface, and a canvas or walnut decorative inlay. The walnut is grown in the USA and hand cut to fit each case. Cases are extra protective thanks to a softer durometer bioplastic and thicker sidewalls with ribs to absorb impacts. 

Rated to 6 feet drop onto hardwood from all angles. 

With a screen protector: Rated to 8 feet drop onto hardwood from all angles.


  • The front edges are raised so that your screen is protected. This means your screen never touches the surface it’s on, even when set or dropped face-down. The case uses double wall construction with shock absorbing geometry to provide compression when your gear hits the ground.
  • Although this case cannot be composted, it is better for the environment than our earlier Cases and will break down faster thanks to the high bioplastic content.
  • The bottom of the case is fully enclosed to provide even more protection.
  • The inside of our Cases is lined with microsuede to be soft against your phone and the outside provides a subtle grip so your phone’s not slipping out of your hand.
  • This case comes in many backing material options. There is a canvas option, a wood option, and a thermo-plastic urethane (TPU) which is sort of rubbery. And there are plenty of color options for you to choose from.
  • The Case allows you to mount your Moment lenses to your phone to step up your mobile photography or filmmaking game.
  • Features slots at the bottom of the case so you can add a wrist or neck strap.
Moment newcases dec2019 lifestyle webres 14
Moment newcases dec2019 lifestyle webres 12


The Thin Case is the Case, slimmed down. The case itself is only 1.5mm thick! Part of the new lineup of iPhone cases,it’s designed for attaching a lens and protecting your phone without as much bulk for the user who prefers a thinner phone case.


While we’ve tested it rigorously, note that the protection offered by the Thin Case is less than that of the standard Case. 

Rated to 4 feet drop onto hardwood from all angles.


  • This case is made out of fully compostable plant-based bio-plastic material, so it’ll fully compost when you’re ready to move on to another phone or case. The texture on the case provides a nice grip to your device.
  • Includes replaceable M-series lens mount that allows for composting the main case and easy replacement of damaged lens interface.
  • Note that there is no strap attachment for this case.

The Thin Case ships to your door in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.

Moment newcases dec2019 lifestyle webres 23
Moment newcases dec2019 lifestyle webres 21


The Bio Case is our new, fully compostable iPhone case. It is made entirely out of plant-based, compostable material. This case is very simple, with no lens interface or strap attachment. For daily phone protection in an environmentally-friendly package, the Bio Case is a great option.


The Bio Case features our essential protection features, including a lip to protect the phone screen when it lands face-down and enough case thickness to shield your phone from everyday drops. The bioplastic material is grippy, durable, and resilient. 

Rated to 4 feet drop onto hardwood from all angles.


  • Features protective walls and lip above phone screen to provide basic protection.
  • Biodegrades in 6-12 months once you put it in an active compost cycle. Don’t worry, it won’t start biodegrading until then.
  • Ships in 100% recyclable materials.

Pick your perfect phone case.

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