How To Manage Your RAW Mobile Workflow

Shooting in RAW is a great way to get better photos from the moment you press the shutter button and a good workflow will keep you from pulling your hair out.


Shooting in RAW

RAW is a particular image file that captures all image data recorded by the camera’s sensor when the image is taken. Alternatively, when shooting in a format like JPEG,  the image information is compressed and lost, often resulting in lower quality imagery. Because no information is being compressed under RAW format, you’re able to create better quality photographs, as well as correct problem areas that would be otherwise unrecoverable if shot in JPEG.

This file format has become a big feature to mobile devices allowing you to capture professional level photos right from the camera you always keep in your pocket. 

All images below are shot in RAW in the Moment Pro Camera App.

How To Shoot In RAW

If your device supports RAW then use it! You may take up a bit more space than a standard photo but you'll thank yourself later when editing. 

In the Moment - Pro Camera App, simply tap the JPG icon on the top of the screen to cycle to RAW format.

How To Review And Export RAW Files

Because RAW files take up a lot of space, it's best to review the images and delete any that you don't want. Duplicates or shots that you aren't in love with can easily be deleted. Once you're ready to edit it's best to import the file to your preferred editing app right from the the gallery. 

How To Edit Raw Files

A big distinguishing factor between RAW and JPEG files is the non-destructive editing processes. You can to take control of the image without having to worry about ruining its original formatting, accidentally overwriting, or being unable to go back and make any changes. The original file will always be readily available for resetting adjustments whenever you want.

Use apps like VSCO or Lightroom for great editing on the go. Use Color grading and split toning to adjust certain hues and the intensity of them in your RAW image.

How To Store RAW Files

It’s best to equip yourself with an external hard-drive or cloud storage service like iCloud or G-Drive if you haven't already. Archiving these suckers can take up loads of space on your phone or computer, as well as precious time on your hands (exporting can be brutal!). Just be prepared when you start to edit a shoot and you’ll be in great shape.

There is a discernible difference between shooting in RAW vs. JPEG that should be noted for every photographer looking to produce high-quality imagery. Although these suckers take up a lot of space on your device, the flexibility granted to easy manipulate the image you’ve always dreamed of having is endless and far surpasses any negative outweigh.

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Happy Shooting!