How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekends

Weekends shifts a gear in intensity, experience, & sensory overload through a cosmic microculture of sorts. Here's how we make the most out of our weekends.

How To Make The Most Of Your Weekends

Weekends are made for the extraordinary. It shifts up a gear in intensity, experience, and sensory overload through a cosmic microculture of sorts. It’s the time to both rejuvenate and accelerate and harbor in both grit and glamor. Break through the dull monotony of your weekly routine, here’s how we make the most out of our weekends.

Kauai is gorgeous.

Wisconsin lake trip.

Plan a Weekend Trip With Your Friends

Decide what it is that you and your friends (or family) decide to do on the weekend and seal the deal. Plan what time you're leaving, the stops you'll make along the way, and your final destination. Create a packing list of items you'll bring in preparation for a good time, like beer and wine (because let's be real). Making a proper itinerary will ensure that these plans are transparent and secured, but that doesn't mean that you have to leave out room for spontaneity. Leave room for creative juices, always. However, making secure plans will make sure that they happen… and that's the ultimate goal for making your weekend stellar.

Arizona's backyard.

Reyce looking all happy before we ascend!

Climbing up.

Go Camping In a Place 2 Hours Away

Camping doesn't have to involve some remote destination to a mountainous paradise against a secluded turquoise Canadian lake surrounded by pungent pine forests (although, doesn't that sounds lovely?). Instagram worthy places are beautiful and all, but some of the most exciting times I've had while camping with my pals were just an hour or two outside my very own backyard. Day trips still mean cheap gas station coffee, hilarious banter by the campfire, and a fresh perspective on a place that's close to home. Literally.

Just after Blake jumped in.

Swimming and paddling.

Dive Into Your Hobbies

Time away from the computer provides the perfect opportunity to escape your daily routine and try something new. If you join a club, class, or sport, you'll have set plans for most weekends and will have new friends to meet. Learning Portugese will force you to one day set sail for Portugal and dive deep in its booming coffee bodegas. Learning something new is exciting and will not only give yourself something to look forward to, but you'll gain a valuable skill set that you otherwise wouldn't have "found the time " for.

Side road attractions.

Broken down, gotta fix it.

Stressed? Nah.

Allot Some "You" Time

"You" time is a specific component of self-love. One of my favorite parts of the weekends is those quiet, precious hours in the early morning before my partner wakes up. I brew the freshly grounded coffee, hear the birds chirping outside my window, and read a few chapters of my latest page-turner on the upstairs porch. But, that's the beauty of your "you" time, you see. It can be anything you want. Compiling your schedule with plans may be fun, but tiring. Allotting just a few hours of the day to be self-indulgent will recharge you for your next grinding activity.

Arizona shot on the Moment Anamorphic.

Surrounded by nature.

Weaver's Needle, AZ.

Avoid Routine

Reliving the same, dull monotony of life's daily activities puts us in a rut. Our weeks are typically made for productivity (in theory), so gift yourself time off and embrace spontaneity. Bolt into an entirely new weekend framework of mind by doing something completely different. Break that routine in half. Say yes to invitations, follow the tips above, and make your Friday - Sunday something to rave about.

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