How To Choose The BEST Music for Your Video

We all know that finding music can be one of the most difficult aspects to creating a video, but our friends at Musicbed have made it so much easier.

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Finding The Right Track

With Music Bed

We all know that finding music can be one of the most difficult / time consuming aspects of creating a video. Any right track can drastically elevate your film to the next level, but finding something good is a total beast.

Our friends at Musicbed recently hit us up and told us about their new music membership platform for helping filmmakers / mobile creators licenses super rad tunes. Their selection is top notch and comes from real-life artists and bands (a concept you hardly ever see…). Musicbed prides themselves on being financially affordable for artists to produce quality films with REAL music. Tracks that we normally wouldn’t have been able to afford in the past are now readily available and can be dropped into the timeline and uploaded to our channel. Heck yeah.

We have personal connections to musicians and bands on the new Musicbed service that make their living off this platform alone. We’re HUGE fans of what they’re doing and are stoked to collaborate with them at any opportunity.

Here are some of our filmmakers’ tips when finding the right track for your video:

Check the Waveforms

Have you ever watched a scene from a film that so perfectly grabbed your attention and tugged your heart by the end of its strings? That’s probably due to the consistency in sonic frequency coupled with the moving parts you see on screen. The use of waveforms should always be considered when choosing a track for your video. You should aim for each tracks’ melodies or chordal progressions to reflect the mood.

Match the Mood

EDM is cool and has its place in the film world, but it’s important to go beyond the YouTube fads and mark your piece as unique amongst the crowd. We find that high-pop dance music rarely fits our brand and taste in style, so we look for something more soulful.

Use Musicbed's Resources

From a seemingly endless library of music to their helpful team, Musicbed is always available to help you find the perfect music for your next project. So take advantage of their team and browse the blog for more inspiration from industry

We hoped that this bit of information inspires you to go beyond the YouTube fads of EDM music and help support real, talented bands and artists on Musicbed. We truly believe these guys are the best in the business and are incredibly excited to get you behind what they support. Learn more about Musicbed's new membership below.

Musicbed Membership

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