Here They Are: The Winners of the Color Your World Contest

Once again, the Moment community proves to be among the best in the mobile photography game and we received hundreds of submissions...

01 Fall Contest Graphic Momentist
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On October 17th, we issued a call for our fellow color captivators to savor Fall’s hues with shots showcasing the four main shades: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Once again, the Moment community proves to be among the best in the mobile photography game and we received hundreds of submissions, providing a hashtag full of luscious, warm autumn photos and making a selection process that the judges and Moment team had to pour for hours. Basically, you guys killed it and it was ridiculously difficult to pick only four.

That’s why, without further ado, we’re excited to announce the winners of the Color Your World Contest.



Why we love it: The layers in the hills give this photo’s location a whimsical and dream-like location that really makes you wish you were there. Not only does it feature a lush green landscape, but Carla upped the ante with a bonus pop of bright red, providing a dramatic capture that pleased our judges so much, they had to declare it the winner.



Why we love it: This category was the toughest. We had 3 different shots that nearly tied for 1st place. Ally’s capture sparks a feeling of warmth and happiness, playing on a bright yellow that grabs your attention, draws you in. The contrasted plants are something straight out of silhouetted dream.



Why we love it: We couldn’t get over how closely the vibes of the color match the demeanor of the subject. Jenny pairs passionate red with the contrasting shadows to weave a powerful, emotional narrative through the photo. There is a bonus element of suspense as the photographer features a subject with his back towards the camera, hiding his expression from the viewer.



Why we love it: This is showing off exactly what the macro lens is capable off – focusing on the details and really making them matter. The two bees together, almost forming a heart shape bring a beautiful, warm perspective that altogether makes for a magnificently powerful shot.

These four lucky winners will receive the following gear from our rad sponsors:

And last but absolutely not least, we would love to thank all of our incredible judges, @laurenlemon, @garethpon & @deanastacia! There was an overwhelming amount of talent both within the judges and the contestants, and we couldn’t be more excited to have all of this talent under one hashtag. Go on now, #MakeYourWorldBigger.

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