The Best Gifts for YouTubers

From gimbals to lenses, lights to microphones, these are the best gifts for YouTubers and aspiring YouTubers.

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The Best Gifts for YouTubers

Gifts for The Aspiring Filmmaker In Your Life

There’s an inner creative in all of us. Whether that be macrame designs, painting murals, or even vlogging a fun grocery store haul — we all have that special, innate ability to create or document what’s important to us. If there's' someone in your life that’s been meaning to get their YouTube career started, it’s up to you to be as supportive as possible. This holiday season (or hey! Even just for their upcoming birthday), the best gift would be something that takes them farther than ever before. Something that enables them to unlock their furthest potential. Whether or not that shoot on their phone or large camera, here are 7 of our favorite items from the team that will help power their YouTube channel.

At A Glance…

Moment Anamorphic Lens

Best For: Mobile enthusiasts with a taste for cinematic gold and Hollywood-like quality. Anyone with an Apple. Google, Samsung, or OnePlus devices can enjoy.

Made with aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.

Brand: Moment

Price: $149.99

Product Type: Mobile Lens

The Anamorphic Lens is the holy grail of filmmaking. It makes your videos pop with yummy flares, that wide screen look, and true black bars on top and bottom. It makes video on your phone not look like cell phone looks like a movie. Designed with our premium glass, you get edge-to-edge clarity and true Anamorphic flare. Gotta get it.

The 1.33x anamorphic lens brings the organic look and character of 2.40:1 Cinemascope to Moment’s mobile platform. Works with the latest Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus devices. 

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Fujifilm X-T4

Best For: JPGs straight out of camera, actually good at photos and video, street photography, great built-in film emulation, vlogging, landscapes, easy transfer to phone, auto focus face/ eye tracking

Yummy external shell with an all-around orientating flip out screen.

Can take it anywhere.

Getting low...

Brand: Fujifilm

Price: $1699.95

Camera Type: Mirrorless

This camera shines high end specs subtly packed into a classic looking camera body, for both photographers and filmmakers alike. The first physical aspect we took a liking to was the flip out screen that not only orientates up and down, side to side, really wherever you need it. This greatly benefits both photographers and filmmakers alike. This, so far, is the only camera we’ve been known to do this. Another incredibly unique feature to the X-T4 is Fuji’s film simulation modes, allowing users to enhance their image with film stock emulators. Some are soft and subdued, while others are bold and vibrant. Although each of these options are typically shot in JPEG mode, RAW files can be simultaneously recorded in case you need a log-profile image for post processing. Thirdly, their improved AF tracking performance actually works (what a concept). It accurately detects hyper focused fast-moving faces, eyes, or manually selected objects for both photos and videos. This changes the game for those who need fast-acting auto settings.

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Best For: Anyone looking for a portable piece of equipment that captures all kinds of action shots, completely stabilized, without having to rely on expensive Go-Pro’s.

Little screen!

Brand: DJI

Price: $349.00

Product Type: Gimbal Camera

What’s the secret to DJI Pocket 2? A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for smooth video on the move. This technology is also great for creative photos like handheld long-exposure shots. Basically like capturing Hollywood-like camera footage with the quick swift of a button and pan of action. DJI’s name continuously boasts excellent products, and it might be true with this little fellow. The Pocket 2 is ready to capture it all.

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YouTube Storytelling: How To Make Videos that People Share with Colin & Samir

Best For: Those who have a passion for storytelling through video and are ready to take the next step towards building their skillset and their audience.

Scheming, planning.

Brand: Moment

Price: $99.00

Product Type: Online Video Lesson

Colin and Samir have developed a proven method for making videos that people care about. Whether you’re shooting a doc or a Youtube video, this class is going to give you the skills and resources to tell a compelling--and potentially viral--story. This is everything you should do before you turn your camera on. Learn how to find your audience, write a compelling script, and get people to want to share your video.

Comes with a 1:1 Brainstorm Session and downloadable Storytelling Templates that guide you step-by-step through the storytelling process. These worksheets can be used every time you brainstorm a video to ensure that your process results in a shareable video.

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Moment Variable ND Filter

Best For: Photographers and filmmakers in harsh lighting conditions wanting to control their exposure and adda cinematic butter to their film reels.

Glossy and hardy.

Fits on any DSLR.

That yummy magenta.

Brand: Moment

Price: $129.99 - $319.99

Product Type: Variable Neutral Density Filter

We’ve shot with a lot of Variable ND filters. They were either too expensive or the quality wasn’t there. None of them hit the sweet spot on affordability, functionality, and quality… so we made our own. The filter rings are precision machined from aerospace grade metal, delivering the durability we expect when shooting. Our Variable ND Filters also feature a unique flared geometry unlike anything else on the market, allowing you to see your ND number from behind the viewfinder. This provides fast, precise control over your shots in tricky lighting, without moving from behind the camera. Made to shoot on the go, the filters also feature hard stops at both ends of the range to prevent unwanted cross polarization for the cleanest image possible.

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Perfect for any mobile shot.

Brand: DJI

Price: $119.00

Product Type: Gimbal

This is the most affordable, easiest-to-use gimbal out of the box. The Osmo 3 is all about the single-button shooting experience. Press, shoot, and the DJI app will take care of the rest. It’s point-and-shoot camera simplicity with modern gimbal functionality. This means you can make your footage look cinematic with the click of a button, just throw your phone in the gimbal and immediately start shooting. This gimbal has also made huge strides in portability. What it lacks in payload capacity, it more than makes up for with ease of use, portability, and price. The Osmo Mobile 3 makes buttery professional clips the most accessible they have ever been, and we are here for it.

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Best For: YouTube vloggers, home videos, and interview setups.

Brand: Rode

Price: $249.00

Product Type: Microphone

The Rode VideoMic NTG gives on-the-go vloggers, run-and-gun filmmakers, voiceover artists, and podcasters the sound of the highly regarded NTG shotguns in a convenient camera-mount mic that requires no additional adapters to work with cameras, smartphones, tablets, portable recorders, and USB-equipped computers. With quality gain control, there’s substantial options premiered on the back of the mic with a metal knob. It has a high pass filter, a high frequency boost, and a safety channel - which records it on both the left and right sides of the microphone, but can save either one if the other goes out.

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