Gear We Love: The Best Tools for Mobile Photography

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a list of the best mobile photography tools. From tripods to LED lights to backpacks - we’ve got you covered.

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There are troves of mobile photography gear out there today. So many brands that it can be hard to weave through the cheap, clunky, or impractical items to find what you need.

Well, good news! We’ve done the hard work for you and created a list of truly killer mobile photography tools. From tripods to LED lights to backpacks - we’ve got you covered.

Check it out, and if there’s something you think is missing from our list, let us know!


GripTight GorillaPod Stand

The GorillaPod is a flexible, lightweight tripod that you can pack along on your adventures. It’s great because it can essentially be bent around or attached to just about any object, which makes it super versatile in any location. It’s a great tool for shooting timelapses, long exposures, or timed shots.

Manfrotto Mini Tripod Black with Universal Smartphone Clamp

If you want to go even smaller and sleeker, check out Manfrotto’s mini tripod.


ShoulderPod S2 Handle Grip

The ShoulderPod is a super simple handheld stabilization rig with no fancy electronic components. The simplicity is what makes it so great. Carry it anywhere (rain or shine), and rig it up to be exactly what you need, with the various accessories they offer such as an LED light or microphone mount.

DJI Osmo Mobile

The OSMO mobile makes a great addition for any vloggers or smartphone filmmakers out there. Paired with the app, this 3 axis gimbal works quite well and really adds another level of quality to mobile videos/films. Check out our recent guide on how to make the OSMO Mobile work best with your Moment Lenses.


Filmic Pro

The Filmic Pro app adds many professional style video features to your smartphone, such as multiple frame rates, high bit rate 4k recording, and various other “manual” features for the filmmaker or video geek who loves shooting on their phone.


What can we say, this is THE BEST simple and easy to use photo/video app out there. And no, we’re not biased. :) But in all seriousness, the Moment App offers features, like focus and temperature sliders, the ability to shoot in RAW, and more. It’ll take your mobile photography game to the next level - all in a super simple and easy to use package.


This one is self-explanatory. They make some of the best presets for the desktop version of Lightroom, and they also make really rad mobile tools -- all available easily and for free through their app. If you’re looking for a specific aesthetic, their extra filter packs are cheap and powerful too.


Moondog Labs

The ONLY filters specifically made for Moment V1 lenses. These work just as you would expect and can enable you to shoot better photos and video in bright/sunny conditions. Filters are a crucial tool for mobile videographers.



This little guy’s been all the rage when it comes to super portable lighting solutions. It’s small, durable, and adaptable to practically any situation.


Peak Design Everyday Backpack

It’s a classic. It comes in 20L and 30L sizes, but chances are the 20L is more than enough space for you. It easily fits all of our mobile gear and even a DSLR or two. And dang is it ever attractive.

Moment Travel Case

Again, not biased. It’s just the best. :) Our new case is the perfect size for extreme portability. It fits all your lenses, a charger cable, your phone, a wallet or keys, and any other trinkets you need. And the handle on the back is easily attachable to a strap or belt if you want to go hands-free.


Shure MV88

We all know audio straight from the iPhone mic leaves something to be desired. Well, the Shure MV88 solves that problem. This thing records professional quality audio straight to your phone. Additionally, their app lets you adjust settings like EQ, gain, and mic polarity.

Battery Charging

Anker PowerCore 20100 Portable Charger

There are a billion external chargers floating around the internet and tech stores, but this one is one of our faves. It’s the perfect combo of power and size. Even with such a slim profile, this puppy boasts 7 full charges on an iPhone 6, and it does it REALLY fast.

Nomad PowerPack

Another of our favorites is the PowerPack. Nomad seemingly created this charger just for us -- people on the go. Not only does it have a robust battery, but it comes equipped with Bluetooth location capability so you know exactly where it’s hiding when you’re in a hurry.

Moment Battery Case

Ultimately, if you want more battery and less cords, our new Battery Case is the way to go. Get the charge you need without having to stop shooting.

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