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Adventure Mobiles of Moment

Adventure Mobiles of Moment

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Fridays are so full of energy and excitement that sometimes we hardly know what to do with all the stoke. While sitting here daydreaming about being outside, I went down a rabbit hole looking at some of my amazing coworkers' weekend camping rigs. While the number one most important feature of an adventure mobile is that it gets you where you want to go (and back again), there are a few different reasons why we're partial to these five. 

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Adventure Mobiles

One of the staples of a great adventure is getting out there. While any car will do the trick, there’s something undeniably cool and inspiring about a good adventure mobile. From the rugged and classic to the practical and modern, here are five rigs that make us want to put gas in the tank and get out there.

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Caleb’s Volkswagen Vanagon

The Vanagon is the quintessential camping car (van?). With its built-in popup and timeless vibes, it makes everything from sitting in the driveway to sleeping beneath the stars feel like a trip through time and a real adventure. The community surrounding Volkswagen vans means you can almost always find a cluster of them gathered around a secret surf break or a glowing campfire. Caleb likes them so much he's had a couple.

For those times when you’re not in a hurry and want everything to feel ridiculously cool, it’s hard to beat having your legs in front of the front wheels and the aircooled engine chugging away out back in a Vanagon. With their recent increase in popularity, there are plenty of opportunities to rent one for an unforgettable weekend trip without the full-time commitment. Who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked on going everywhere really slowly.

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Erik’s 100 Series Land Cruiser

We happen to be big fans of Toyota trucks at Moment. Caleb had an 80 Series Land Cruiser for a while, I had a 60 Series before my 4Runner, and several more of us have Yotas in the driveway. The 100 Series is plenty modern to set the cruise control on the freeway and cover tons of miles but still has those iconic C-pillar vents and Land Cruiser looks that make it an instant classic. Our product designer, Erik, has an awesome Hundy. 

Bonus points for the incredibly rad writeup Erik did a few years back on how to build a bed in your car. For getting to the slopes in the snow, the trailheads in the dirt, and waking up with a view, it’s hard to beat a modern Cruiser with a bed in the back.

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My 60 Series Land Cruiser

Best vibes, worst gas mileage. I’ll never forget the miles Hank and I covered in my 1989 FJ62 Land Cruiser. From the stoked waves to the frequent gas station stops, you make a lot of memories on and off road in the truly classic Cruisers. The 60 Series started the C-pillar vent trend that remained a staple of Land Cruiser style for over 20 years.

With tons of room in the back for sleeping, two solid axles for rugged off-roading, and plenty of good vibes to make you forget about how slow you’re going, the 60 Series is a truck for those who like their adventure mobile to be apocalypse-ready.

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Natalie’s Subaru Outback

With the roof top tent on, it’s tough to find fault with a modern Outback. Easily boasting the best gas mileage of any adventure mobile on this list and offering plenty of all wheel drive traction and ground clearance to do anything but gratuitous off-roading, I’m inspired (and a little bit tempted…) every time I see pictures of Natalie’s Subie.

Not only are modern crossovers some of the best road trip cars ever, it’s important to remember that any vehicle you have access to is the perfect way to get out of town (or go explore a new one). If there’s room to sleep in it—or on top of it—even better, but don’t count out the trustworthy traditional tent just yet.

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The Iceland Rental Defender 110

Much like my 60 Series, the Land Rover Defender is a stalwart of the off-road adventure world. With its timeless looks, simple running gear, and rugged steel body, the Defender is one of the most photogenic and functional adventure rigs out there. The Defender is known the world over for its ability to carry passengers across foreboding landscapes, and there’s something so inspirational and iconic about its design.

While the Moment boys may argue about how comfortable they are, it’s hard to argue with how good they looked criss-crossing Iceland last week in this thing. We can’t wait to share what they were working on with you!

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Fuel for Daydreams

It's important to have some weekday inspiration to keep the energy level high so you can get out there this weekend. From a quick drive to a new spot to the ultimate weekend warrior escapades, there are lots of ways adventure mobiles can get us to where we're going (and make great models once we get there). Remember, it's as much about the journey as it is the destination. Now, let's get out there. 

Make the most of your adventures.

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