Freefly Movi | Our Favorite Shooting Modes

Learn to set up your Movi counterweights with ease as we show you our favorite shooting modes for getting your own cinematic magic!

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Let’s face it: The Freefly Movi is the world’s most portable, adaptable, and intuitive cinema robot. We were finally able to get our hands on the final production unit and boy oh boy does it feel gooooood (too much?).

Caleb not only walks us through how to set up the counterweights for successful gimbal magic, but spills what his most favorite shooting modes are with Moment lenses. Let’s ride!

A few awesome details to note about The Movi:

  • Equipped with a USB-C port for fast, reliable charging.
  • Dual hand grip.
  • Selfie-Mode.
  • Strong, lightweight, and durable (670g).
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Full-featured iOS app for capturing video, controlling the robot, and adjusting settings.

Counterbalance Tips + Tricks

Although this bad boy is compatible with external Lenses, you will need to pick up the Movi Counterweights to use your Moment Lenses. This adjustable counterweight system allows users to achieve perfect 3-axis balance when using any of our lenses (like the Moment Wide!). To ensure sufficient production time, take your time getting to know the system before you go out and shoot. 

Once you have your Movi completely balance out, simply slip it in your backpack and take it for a spin around town to make some cinematic magic!

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Our Favorite Shooting Modes:

The Movi App’s hyperlapse feature definitely marks itself as our favorite shooting mode. Unlike many other gimbal systems on the market, none of them do it as well as this one. Some tips to follow:

  • Download The Movi App in your IOS (sorry Andriod users, it will be available for y’all in the future!).
  • Select the “Movie Lapse” feature.
  • Note the few options at the top of the screen; the “compression” option is crucial depending upon how fast or slow you want the motion to look in your frame.

Utilizing the app’s Majestic Mode and Barrell Roll (much like the “dutch roll” method used in traditional filmmaking) also serve as a wonderful cinematic plus.

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