Fisheye Tips: Filming Action Sports

Follow these 5 tips by Caleb Babcock @cameracaleb, and start filming amazing action footage with the Moment Fisheye 15mm Lens!

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Without a doubt, my favorite feeling is cruising down a mountain with a couple friends on a bluebird day. Such a simple activity brings me so much joy. Recently, I captured some of those moments on video using my iPhone and Moment Fisheye 15mm.

I love how perfect this combo is for action sports. The Fisheye 15mm is super wide, compact, and very forgiving with all the movement and bumps along the way. You can create your own high-quality action footage too. All you need is your mobile phone, Moment gear, and these 5 tips I put together:

#1 – Get Close

Get right up in the action or grab a super close shot. It is exactly what the Fisheye 15mm is made to do. The perspective is really unique because it gives you a wide frame while still keeping you close to the action.

The beauty of this lens is that you don’t always have to be looking at the screen to make sure your subject is in the frame. Chances are, as long as you are pointing the camera toward your subject, they will be in frame. It does take some time and practice to feel comfortable shooting that close, but after a while, it comes naturally.

Shot on Moment Fisheye 15mm

#2 – Support/Stabilizer

A really effective way to make your footage look better is by using some sort of support device or stabilizer. Phones are not the most ergonomically designed products — especially considering that you need a very solid grip if you’re carving through powder or filming your dog running around the yard.

Stabilizers also give you some extra extension so that you can film yourself (classic selfie video) or get a more comfortable angle to shoot. They are also a great option if you want silky smooth footage, but they can be a little more complicated to get dialed in, and sometimes can feel like they are getting in the way of your shot.

Here are a couple grips I like to use for stabilization, but there are many great options out there.

Shoulderpod – The Handle Grip

Manfrotto – Mini Tripod with Smartphone Clamp

Joby – GripTight Pro Phone

Shot on Moment Fisheye 15mm

#3 – Slow Motion

It’s pretty crazy to think that we have the ability to shoot 4K video and super slow motion all from our cell phones these days. Taking full advantage of that sweet-looking slow motion footage and combining it with the Fisheye 15mm lens makes for a cinematic treat.

My favorite frame rate for slow motion on my iPhone 7 is 120fps because it still shoots at 1080p resolution and keeps the image sharp. Slow motion also helps smooth out any of those little bumps and you get away with using somewhat shaky footage.

Shot on Moment Fisheye 15mm

#4 – Get Low

Getting a nice low angle of the action is a classic fisheye look, and shooting with the Moment Fisheye 15mm is no different. Try using your support grip to angle the phone up while holding it down low. This gives your footage more of a dynamic look so everything doesn’t look it’s shot at the same height.

Shot on Moment Fisheye 15mm

#5 – Face the camera towards you

It’s 2017! Feel free to film yourself. Sometimes it’s fun to get shots of yourself in action, and it can be surprising how well the clips turn out.

Using the Fisheye 15mm lens makes the frame wide enough that you can be in the shot and still see the surroundings. A good thing to practice is keeping your hand as steady as possible when it’s out in front of you, so you don’t get a side to side sway. Use your stabilizer grip to extend the phone out even farther.

Shot on Moment Fisheye 15mm

Get your hands on a Moment Fisheye 15mm here and start filming with a new perspective!

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