First Moments: Adopting Charlotte Brave

Choosing Adoption: The journey of adopting our first child Charlotte Brave was a huge decision for our family. This is our story. @megmukri & @colinmukri

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The journey of adopting Charlotte Brave was a huge decision for our family.

We’ve never tried to have our own kids before, but we realized early in our marriage that we wanted adoption to be a part of our family’s story. We were so excited by the idea of welcoming a baby into our lives by saying, “We chose you, and we want you in our family.”

We knew that there was no better time to pursue this dream than when we were young and had the energy for the journey. The process began in January 2016, and the whole year shaped up to be a huge experience for us. As twenty-somethings with barely any savings, it was a serious financial undertaking to adopt. We sold merchandise, travelled to different cities to hold fundraising concerts, hosted fundraising campaigns on Instagram, and took on extra photography gigs.

Thanks to the generous support of so many in our community and beyond, we were able to fund our adoption. The first hard part was now complete, but next began an even harder one: waiting. Waiting is the most grueling part of the adoption process because there’s nothing for you to do except build anticipation for accepting a baby into your family who needs a home. Our waiting came to an end in December when our case worker called to tell us about a mom looking for the perfect home for her daughter. We didn’t know much about her, but deep down, we felt connected already to this little soul who would become our Charlotte Brave.

Our big day started just as it had for the last couple of years of being a young, married couple without children. But by noon, we were parents to a 3-week old baby girl. It all felt like an amazing dream. Days went by before it started to really sink in. We were parents.

Preparing bottles, picking outfits, visits to the pediatrician, they were all pieces to this puzzle of parenthood we stepped in to.

About a month in, Charlotte started to smile and respond to us; we couldn’t possibly have cried more happy tears. She surprisingly loves bath time (except for the head scrub), and waking her up from a nap is like waiting for recess in elementary school. Becoming a parent means lots of adjustments. Feeding her every 2-3 hours, foregoing some spontaneous trips to Target, and our bedroom feeling like a ‘war zone’ has not been easy. We get less sleep than we used to, as she wakes us up every 20 minutes after midnight.

But after 3 months into our journey together, there’s a moment every morning where we smile at each other, saying with our eyes, “It’s okay. She’s worth it.” She’s our little girl, and she’s completely changed our world for the better. Safe to say, we love being parents. I mean… we still fight over who gets to hold her!

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