Eyes In The Sky: Drone Photographers To Follow

These must-follow drone photographers are killing it on Instagram. @dirka, @littlecoal, @mrbenbrown, @trashhand, @kdkuiper, and more!

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Drones have quickly become a popular tool for many mobile photographers and videographers. They take you high above the ground, providing a completely different perspective that previously you could only get from a helicopter or plane. And to top it off, they’re more portable than ever. Drones like DJI’s Mavic Pro can literally fit into your backpack or pocket.

With how cheap and accessible they’ve become, drones have ignited a vibrant new community of aerial photography on Instagram. From Asia to the Middle East to Moment’s home in the Pacific Northwest, photographers everywhere are capturing the world through their eyes in the sky.

Here are 12 of our favorite drone photographers on Instagram!

#1 – Dirk Dallas


#2 – Henry Do


#3 – Mike Bishop


#4 – Eric Ward


#5 – NKCHU


#9 – Gab Scanu


#11 – Ben Brown


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