Exploring the Portland Japanese Garden: iPhone X

The iPhone X camera is everything you hope for. Photographer and community leader Carl Maynard (@carlnard) explores the Pacific Northwest with his iPhone X.

Maynard C I Phone X 6
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On a cold and rainy Friday afternoon stroll through the Portland Japanese Garden, Carl Maynard put the new iPhone X to work. Needless to say, the camera is just as good as people say.

If you haven’t been to the Portland Japanese Garden, make sure you pay a visit next time you’re in town. Immediately upon approaching the grounds, you'll thank yourself. 

On your drive up to the gardens, you'll take a few twists and turns on a road lined with colorful trees, towering above. When you arrive, you'll notice first the quiet and calm of the gardens. With the faint sound of waterfalls in the distance and beautiful designs in every direction - you will feel no qualms about the $15 entry fee.

Maynard C I Phone X 1
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Upon entering the park, I followed the trail up a clean path, lined with all sorts of colors and varying type of trees. During the Fall months, yellows and browns dominate the pathway on the trail leading toward the Visitor Center.

Maynard C I Phone X 5
Maynard C I Phone X 6
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This vibrant space was the best for testing color richness. Framing each shot with the iPhone X, I instantly noticed the lens react and adapt to all the colors. This camera can recognize the fog without blowing out your image. And unlike my experience with the iPhone 6, there was no need to lower exposure to bring down the white while editing. 

The various shades of green, yellows, and reds along the trail left me feeling like I was in a dream. A child of the Northwest, I felt like a kid again, but this time with a phone in hand. 

One of the coolest places to shoot in the garden is the pond with all the Koi fish. The lens was able to not only shoot through the water, but it also picked up amazing tones in its reflections. Because the color recognition of the iPhone X was so good, my DSLR stayed tucked away the whole time. I’ve been a long-time fan of the iPhone, but the new iPhone X is truly something special.

Maynard C I Phone X 9
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Carl Maynard

Carl is a freelance/hobbyist photographer and community organizer based in Washington DC and is the founder of the Walk With Locals project - one of the selections for the 2017 Moment 50 program.

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