Dunna's Top Gear for Hybrid Shooters | Cameras, Filters, Mics, & More

Hybrid shooters, unite! Creatives into both photography and filmmaking looking for a refresh, this one's for you.

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Hybrid shooters have it twice as difficult when it comes to gear. Because we shoot both photography and videography, we need to have equipment to cover both sides... luckily, that means there are twice as many gifts to give your favorite photo/video person. This list includes some great product ideas that work for people who shoot photos and videos from organizational accessories, to lights and audio equipment. Read on.

I've tried a handful of tech pouches and this one was my favorite so far. It holds a ton of stuff, takes up almost no space in my backpack, and it's organized in a way that fits my needs.

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Tech Pouch

Want to organize your tech? Daily carry, short trips, or long trips, the WANDRD Tech Pouch line has got you. Choose from 3 different sizes to fit your needs

Buy for $64.00

I know we all live online nowadays, but every once in a while it's nice to print out a photo that you're really proud of. This printer will have you feeling like it's the 90's again in no time.

It's a wireless world... we need great wireless audio and the Deity Pocket Wireless system will get you there in a TINY package. It's simple, its small, it works like a charm!

Moment Deity DDCPWUS Pocket Wireless Microphone System Black Thumbnail

Deity Microphones

Pocket Wireless Microphone System with USB-C

Eyeing a pro Wireless Microphone System that won't break the bank? Deity's wireless mic system will natively work with nearly any recording device on the market

Buy for $149.99

Are you really a vlogger if you don't have a big puffball on top of your camera? The Deity V-Mic D4 Mini is the best sounding of the mini microphones that I've used. It wont break the bank and it doesn't need batteries... what more could you need?

Moment Deity DVMD4 MINI V Mic D4 Mini Thumbnail

Deity Microphones

V-Mic D4 Mini - Affordable Shotgun Microphone

Needing an affordable small mic for your smartphone or camera? Capture great directional audio with the Deity V-Mic D4 Mini high-quality miniature microphone

Buy for $49.99

It's a vlogging handle... and a mini tripod! And it all packs down smaller than a banana (because it's thinner) This is a no brainer for anyone who wants a quick and easy mini tripod that doubles as an ergonomic handle.

SwitchPod Tripod For Vloggers 01


Handheld Tripod

Vloggers never have enough hands. Do it one handed with SwitchPod! Switch from tripod to vlog grip in seconds. It'super light, super packable, and super durable

Buy for $89.99

Organization, organization, organization. You need to carry all those memory cards full of... well... memories. You might as well carry them in style! This card case offers just enough protection while taking up basically no space.

Moment nomatic PMMC 00 BLK 01 Mckinnon Memory Card Case thumbnail


Peter McKinnon Memory Card Case

Are your memory cards rattling around in your bag? Get organized! The McKinnon memory card case holds up to 6 SD cards and 2 c-fast cards securely

Buy for $23.99

This daypack never got the attention it deserved. It's a packable backpack WITH a camera compartment! You can fit this inside your bigger backpack and use it when you only need a little bit of stuff (but you can still fit a lot in it!)

Moment nomatic PMCP 00 BLK 01 Mckinnon Cube Pack 21 L thumbnail


Peter McKinnon Cube Bag 21L Camera Backpack

The McKinnon Cube Pack 21L is the most functional camera cube ever! The cube fits perfectly in the large Camera Pack and also expands into a full-blown backpack

Buy for $99.99

Without light... there is no photo or video, and this little light packs a punch! Pick any color you want and blast it wherever you want. You can even use the magnets to sneak it into places you might not have thought of.

Moment aputure MC thumbnail


MC RGB On Camera LED Light

You want the ultimate pocket size RGB LED light? The Aputure MC is arguably the best in this category. Use the Sidus Link app unlocks even more of its features

Buy for $90.00

Just the best camera strap I've ever used. It's comfy, it's sexy, it's easy to use, and did I mention it's comfy? No more neck chafing from the strap that came with your camera. s

Moment Peak Design SL SG 3 Slide Sage thumbnail

Peak Design

Slide - Crossbody Camera Strap

You can never have enough hands when shooting... Peak Design knew this when making the Slide Strap, featuring one-handed operation with ultimate adjustability

Buy for $69.95

Look, mom! No Hands! The capture clip allows you to attach your camera to a backpack strap or belt so that you can have your hands back for all of the sweet high fives you'll be getting!

Moment peakdesign CP BK 3 Capture black thumbnail

Peak Design

Capture Camera Clip

Wanting the most secure, convenient, accessible way to carry your camera, period? The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip keeps your camera in any situation

Buy for $74.95

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